Saturday, January 29, 2011


I have a bad case of the "I wants" Do you ever get those? These are some things i am obsessing over right now, that are great for the seaside and coastal style. Some are affordable, some....not so much.

This color is gorgeous!Zgallerie

I don't NEED a new cover for my nook , but I WANT one, Love the blue lagoon.Vera Bradley

This beauty has a 575.00 price tag..I could spend the money else where, in fact I will ,but I just adore this.Verdura

This submarine vase is so simple and elegant.  A palm leaf would look so pretty in this don't you think?.Jean Marc Gady

The beautiful piece by Nancy Westfall has been featured in House Beautiful.

The 2011 collection by Isola Bella, is gorgeous!No coastal  home should be without pillows like these. These fabrics  are  bright and cheery.

Tres cute!Jute and Pearl bracelet

Anything Lilly I love. Living here in the south, being on the water all the time, I wouldn't be caught dead without crokies. I have lost too many pair of expensive glasses in the river. A monogram on these would be cute too.Lilly Pullitzer

This company is so cool. Design your own fabric, they have some really creative designs as well.Spoonflower

My mom bought these, when I saw them I was amazed! These are a must have!. Nate Berkus's Flame less, candles have a remote. They feel like real candles. Would be great outside for a dinner party. They look amazing on my mom's mantle. I should have taken a pic darn. Trust me these are worth it!HSN

This is my newest mission. I have been looking for a vintage cake plate, but haven't found the right one yet. I love these byWisteria

Milk glass ,was often considered the "poor man's porcelain", is all the rage right now in cottage and the shabby chic look. I just bought a vintage Fenton dish. I think this is a look you either love or hate.


Amanda Lee said...

I'm loving the jute and pearl necklace. And the lobster. And the milk glass. It's always great to see another "beachy" blogger! I jumped over from Love of the Sea. I'll be following along!

Simple Daisy said...

Love it all!!!!! Beautiful choices:)

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Linda
Gee you'll be giving me a case of the 'I wants' too.. I want that milk glass.. but I'm currently trying to downsize before winter hits our way... still the milk glass is adorable... Have a great week .. ciao xxx Julie

Anonymous said...

I love milk glass in pictures and other peoples homes, just haven't found the right piece for me yet. They look great with a whole bunch all together, like in the image you show.

Regarding cake plates. I've been wanting one for a couple of years, and found an idea way back when I first started looking, for a personalised one. Grab and old, beautiful glass, and an old beautiful plate. Turn the glass upsidedown and glue or silicone it to the bottom of the plate - instant cake plate made with things you love. You can use china as well, and even do two tiered ones. Sorry if you've already heard of this.

Lisa x