Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Traditional Summer House On Nantucket

When I think about where i would love to have  a summer home, Nantucket , would be the choice, hands down.  It is quintessential New England..The beach, salt air, the sea, the fishing and the chicness. Some of my  fondess memories have been spent on  this beautiful island. Nantucket is the peak of chic for coastal living. When I came across this home in The recent issue of Traditional home, I wanted to share it. This home blends both the traditional and coastal style. 


Wedding Bells Are Going To Chime

I hope everyone had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend, and are ready to kick off the summer. I know I am!. I have some very exciting news to share with you. I have been keeping a secret  for several months, and have been unable to say anything. My dear sweet son Matthew became engaged this weekend! I could not say a word  because my future daughter in law is a friend and a follower  of my blog. Our family is ecstatic to welcome Maggie into our family! Matt is my 2nd oldest of  four children and the 1st to get married. I can hardly believe my baby is getting married! Matt met Maggie through, yours truly...yep mama fixed her son up. Who better than mom right? Well we know how these stories normally turn out, not well. I knew when I met Maggie and got to know her she was perfect for  Matt.. Maggie worked with me, and was new to the area. I told her I had just the guy for her, they have been inseparable from day one. She is a beautiful young woman inside and out, and will be proud to have her as my daughter in law.  As cliche as it sounds, I am not losing a son I am in fact adding another daughter to our family.They have set the date already April 14, 2012.  I am so excited! and can't wait to share the planning with you. Maggie and Matt want the whole family included in  the wedding, this will truly make this a family affair!

                        Matthew John Carli & Margaret Kathleen Tucker { Costa Rica 2011}
Matt & Mama { he only really calls me ,{ Lin, and Linny }Kooky boy!
So when we got home from our camping trip this weekend, I did what every annoying future  Mother -in -law would do, I started at looking at things for them Gifts, accessories and ideas for the wedding. Oh my Gosh.... I am in heaven! I told  Maggie  I will respect my  MIL boundaries and keep my mouth shut unless asked!
 I  was looking at the new Coastal Collection from Wisteria  Oh so pretty! I already want to start buying them stuff!  I think the wedding will most certainly have a coastal feel.. I will keep you updated. EEEEEEE!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Beach House Dolphin Sign

If you have been following my blog, then you already know how I adore Dolphins. I did a post a while back entitled Dolphin Love, in that post I showed  a photo of a  carved wooden Dolphin sign. I absolutely love it. I  shared on my Facebook page that a friend of mine made a wooden whale . When I told her I wanted to make a Dolphin she said "Do it"!

I started with a piece of Cedar we had. I am putting it outside, so it had to withstand the weather. I forgot to take the picture of the drawing on the wood, before we cut it out...whoops.

This was my inspiration.

           Drew the pattern of the dolphin, and hubby used the Coping saw, to cut it out. A Jig saw can be used   but the blade broke on it, so we had to use a Coping Saw .

   I primed the little fella with some Kilz primer, not sure if I should have used it or not, but I did.

I used Cabots Federal Blue exterior stain to stain it,  I had to keep wiping excess off wait for it to dry and distress, I had to paint and repaint the white part of the body to get the lower part of his belly right.

After several attempts of trying to paint the eye, this is how he turned out.

I continued to distress the wood until  I was happy with it. It is going to be hung outside, I haven't figured  out what I want to use yet, sisal, jute, wire, or chain. so until i decide, it sits here. Any suggestions? Cost of the project......5.00 for the stain.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Prep World Prep World"

 Remember "Wayne's World"? Well, it's" Prep World" now! Twenty Five years ago Tommy Hilfiger launched his fashion business, and to celebrate this mile stone..... Hilfiger has released a limited collection called "Prep World".  Pop up Prep Shops will be popping up { say that 3 times fast} in the United States and various international  cities around the world..The traveling 800square foot, Hampton and Nantucket  inspired beach house, has already been in NY and London. The prep look is making it's way back  in a big way, and  to get it perfect he left no stone unturned. Who better to collaborate with, than   Lisa Birnbach, author of the 1980s "Official Preppy Handbook", a book{ I knew backward and forward and still own.} and author of the recent book True Prep. I love The Prep World collection  Its a  has vintage and modern look for the new hip prep. There are so many nautical goodies that are sure to be a hit, for the chic coastal life style. There is going to be  whole lot of " Collar Poppin" goin on!