Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Honeysuckle and The Happiness Factor

When we think about a color we want to paint a room or rooms,we pick colors that make us happy right?That is because color has a huge impact on our moods and how those colors make us feel.
Color can make us feel  happy, sad, calm, energized, or relaxed.Think about how  bright  yellow sunny days  make us feel alive and energized,or how being by the beautiful blue ocean can take you away to a calm serene place. Honeysuckle, the color of 2011, that I blogged about back in December, just makes me feel happy! This color is a reddish pink,with a blue undertone.I think it's an "in your face" type of color,it is a bold and bright assertive hue.These rooms designs use the Honeysuckle color in different ways. How does Honeysuckle make you feel ? Let me know!!

Betty Murdock Interiors (Traditional Home)The splashes of Honeysuckle throughout out this  traditional white walled room, just make the room pop with color without being over the top..The fabric on the chairs I love!!

Apartment Therapy

Sally Lee By The Sea I love this funky little beach house den !

(Kelley Interior Design) Traditional  in style..

(Apartment Therapy.) An updated nostalgic feel.

I am always a sucker for pink and green..

This is such a girly girl room, I love it!The pink and brown accent chairs and brown sofa help to soften the wall color.

This has a cute cottage feel.


Leo said...

Great photos. Love love this color. Looks like juicy watermelon. I love it with brown and also with green!

High Street Cottage said...

Hi Linda, what a beautiful blog you have! Thank you for the lovely email, and for following my blog. I am now your newest follower as well, have a wonderful weekend, xoxo tami

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Beautiful pics...I just finished painting a bedroom at my beach condo and I'm sooooo IN LOVE with it:) Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi I just popped over from Michelle's blog..

Love this Honeysuckle.. really is a happy colour.. I recently posted some travel pics from Italy where a lady is wearing Honeysuckle.. haha.. I don't think many knew what I was talking about.. might have to borrow that Pantone image from you!!!

Have a lovely weekend and thanks for brightening mine with this cheery colour.. ciao xxx Julie

michelle said...

I am so in love with all these photos!! What a wonderful way to brighten things up! I love the Sally Lee by the sea photo, gorgeous!!