Saturday, April 30, 2011

Maine Love

I was surfing  the Internet and Facebook this morning, when I cam across a company called The Maine Maven  via Sea Bags. This little boutique in Orono Maine, is a hip and funky store that looks absolutely delightful.I loved so many of the things that I saw in the store.Unfortunatley there is now way to order from the store directly, but I was able to find these wonderful indviduals that sell these creative  products. I am crazy about these 2 products!

This product is so cool! It is the brain child of Bill Page of,  Buoy Bats.The Original Buoy BatTM is made with authentic lobster buoys and hardwood handles. This is used just like a regular baseball bat, and  is perfect for the beach ! These are brand new bouys and are decorated in bright colors. You can even get your buoy bat imprinted with your name! How much fun does this look. There are bases and extra balls as well. I am ordering this today! This is a must have for the summer!


This jewlery is so creative and is made by Charlotte Leavitt of Chart Metal Works, in Portland Maine. Each piece is hand made. After you choose your product, necklace, bracelet, earrings, then  choose your own point of interest. Maybe you have a special place you sailed to, grew up, got engaged or married, this point of interest is then put into your handmade piece. I think these pieces are magnificent and so personal. I  absolutley love this, I  spy a Mother's Day present!

cord necklace




A New Look

I am thrilled to reveal the new look of Seaside Style. A sweet young lady from a small mid western town, by the name Amanda Mays, of Amanda Mays Design Services is responsible for the transformation. I found Amanda through Twitter, when she started following me.. We began chatting and I requested her services.. Like so many women these days she is balancing family and work. Amanda is blessed to have a beautiful family and wonderful supportive husband , and with two young children at home, she has the best of both worlds, being able to stay at home and work. Amanda became enthralled with the design process when starting her own blog. Soon she was designing blogs for friends and family.Virtually self taught, Amanda went to school to hone in on those skills .She has found her niche, and is now  running her own full service design firm from her home.I loved working with Amanda!Please check out her site if you are in need of design services. Thank you Amanda, You rock!!! I  would love to know what you think of the new look!



Thursday, April 28, 2011

Calypso St. Barth For Target {Preview}

 I have been anxiously awaiting for the ever so chic Calypso St. Bath  for Target to be released. The wait is almost over,it will be in most stores May 1st. This just might be Target's best collabaration  since Sabrina Soto's collection.The line will consist of   women's and children's clothing, home accessories,jewelry and handbags. It surely won't  disappoint with a  price point. that starts at 1.99 to 79.99. Our wallets, wardrobe and homes will thank us later. This Bohemian chic look has the perfect look for the the summer, with tye dye,and easy flowing clothes. You better hurry its is only in Target stores until June.  What do you think so far?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Home is Where You Hang Your Hat

 Before closets were built into homes, furniture had to be made to accommodate clothing. Smaller items such as coats , hats, coin purses, blankets, etc. went into or on the hall tree.  The hall tree usually had a large bench for storage,and one woud sit to remove boots or coats.The hall tree is just as functional today. Often seen in mudrooms or breeze ways, you are able to minimize clutter and organize a space.That space can also define your style. Painting an old wooden piece can add a coastal , beachy feel to your home, or distressing one lends a cottage feel. Making one isn't all that hard if you have an old door.. Accessorizing your hall tree can also add visual interest to a room. Adding pops of color, with hats, hand bags or scarfs. All of these are super examples.  Is there a special place where you hang your hat?

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

By The Sea

Pottery Barn and William Sonoma have released more seaside inspirations that are sure to be a great addition to any home.These are my favorites.If you missed my  post,. A Seaside Collection  ,check it out, it has Pottery Barn's first introduction to the sea collection.

YAY! for my friends at Sea Bags! They are in PB! Love these pillows!!

PB has jmped on the Glass Float band wagon.

A Whimsical Duvet by PB

Love these Coral place card holders by PB.

Love these miniature GlassFloats to fill a vase.

 Great Coaral Duvet by WS

Bone crab by WS

Seashell prints by WS

Beautiful Nautilus Shell WS

Hobnail Pitcher and glasses by PB

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happiness is........

      Looking in a mirror and liking what you see.

  Mirrors are meant to  reflect beautiful  things.Not only ourselves, but nature and light. When used in design, they can be the main focal point in a room. There are an endless styles, and frames of  beautiful mirrors for the seaside and coastal look. Some mirror can be used as pieces of art . Mirrors can make small rooms appear larger and ground a room . When choosing a mirror you will need to determine what is the main purpose of the mirror, is is to balance a look you are going for? Are you trying  to create more light, or is it to make a space look larger than it is? These are things you will need to consider as well as the scale of the mirror in relation to the space. Here are some excellent examples of mirrors being used in great design.

This beautiful starfish mirror creates a modern coastal look

This beautiful oyster stick mirror embraces this sea life vignette.

This grand mirror over the mantle blends chic and vintage and balances the large bookcases

 Seashell mirrors are a wonderful addition to a room at a seaside retreat.

 Do Group mirrors together.

 Make an  elegant statement.. with an all white seashell mirror.

 Grand Opulence.

Seaside casual

This mirror is letting more light in the room and is reflecting the outdoors.

These Shabby Chic mirrors are used as a headboard to make the space appear larger.
If you are lucky enough to have a hallway or entryway this large, this seashell mirror is a spectacular piece of art.

Porthole mirrors flank this entertainment center.

The painted cottage style mirror complete the cottage style room against the plank walls.

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