Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Monkey Fist Madness

I must have been in my very early teens when my father felt it  was necessary to start teaching myself ,as well as my siblings about nautical knots. Being the avid boaters that we were, learning to tie a  a PROPER cleat hitch,  among other knots was of the utmost importance.I didn't find this all that interesting, until  he showed me how to make a Monkey Fist, this I found pretty cool. We didn't actually use monkey fists on our vessel, this was for education purposes only.
It seemed to me,that dad had it mastered in no time, it took me bit, but I was finally able to make a monkey fist key chain that I still have. Today, The Monkey Fist's ever increasing popularity in coastal decor can make a simple statement in any home. Here are several ideas.
Here a monkey fist is used as a finial on a lamp.

Metal drawer pulls at could be used as an accent in a bathroom.

Great idea as a book end.

This door stop is  my favorite from
 .If you have young ones at home, this might not be a good thing to have around. This definitely could be used as a weapon of mass destruction!
These cotton roped door pulls add a simple  coastal touch to this painted piece.

I wish there were monkey fist door knockers or a lamps, but I haven't been able to find any.For history about the Monkey Fist check out's_fist.
I am going to attempt to make the door stop. Wish me luck.If you are interested in learning how to make a monkey fist there are several videos on YouTube.I would love to see or hear how yours turns out.

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