Friday, January 14, 2011

The Hub Of The Home

The kitchen, for decades as always been the hub of the home. Ours is no different. It is where we come together to eat,gather, nache,munch,gossip, and to pillage and forage, oh..I almost forgot, and to cook.Cooking is  not my thing, never has been and probably never will be.   This has become a long standing joke within my family.Anyway,my kitchen drives me CRAZY! It is so poorly designed, and too small.I was forever "shooing" four kids and a husband out of it, because I never had enough room to cook and I always felt bad about this because I would have loved to have them with me.

I did, and still do have visions of my beautiful family unit all congregating in this ever so spacious kitchen enjoying one an others company talking and laughing.Instead, the sounds that could be heard from the kitchen were down right  frightening.The sounds of breaking glass( almost daily),unaudible moans and groans and let us not forget the sibling banter.
As each child left, as sad as it was, and still is, it got easier to use the kitchen, this doesn't mean I like it any better mind you.We did put in an island, redid the counters, new backsplash, i repainted the cabinets,( twice now, but that is another story), new sink and all new appliances.It was a vast improvement from what it was!
We have been in the house 11 years now, and I am still waiting for the wood floors. This WILL be happening this year! Here are some photos of  OUR Hub Of The Home.
The backsplash is Limestone, and the tiles have different seashells in it.
I have an eclectic mixture of mediterranian pottery I got  bought on trips to Mexico.
I love my quartz counters and my cute starfish plates.

I made my own stain concoqtion for the cabinets. The oyster shell candle  holder, a friend made.

My shelf my husband built, houses some of my coastal trinkets as well as my autographed books from Martha Stewart.(mom worked with Martha. Her books are always inscribed,"Be entertaining Always"
These vintage labels are from a friends farm .
I am very blessed to have a roof over my head.and a nice on to boot.So I don't want to appear like a spoiled brat..I am truly grateful.

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