Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Engagement Party Preparations

Hi ! I hope everyone is doing well and if you were in Irene's path, I hope that you fared well. We have so much going on here. We are getting ready to throw a large engagement party for our son and future daughter in law.October 15th is the party and we are so excited! The list  of " to do's " is over whelming.! First on the list was our back deck and yard. It looks like something out of  " The Munster's ", if you are old enough to remember the show. While I am working on things inside the house, hubby is working on the scary yard. When you see these photos, don't judge! :)  this is what the back yard looked like.

                      There was  wicker furniture on the deck but moved it to the front porch. The hammock just sat under the canopy..hmmmm

     There used to be an upper deck that extended outward, when we had a large above ground pool. hubby already took that down.

This is the arbor we were married under almost 11 yrs ago, that my husband refuses to move. The yard looked beautiful back then.

This is what the  new stairs look like now. Still don't judge, we are far from there yet but making progress.

                                                      A HUGE improvement!

   The invitation , I designed. Since M & M  are not have a beach wedding, we are  having an Oyster Roast. So I will use  a combination of  Oyster decorations, and White Pumpkins. I am making oyster shell candle holders now.

      This is my mantel inspiration, white pumpkins and will be using   flame less candles and white coral.

My mom, floral designer extraordinaire is doing the flowers. I am trying to get my hands on vintage oyster cans for some of the arrangements.

This is just a peek at what is going on. Plants have to be planted, new furniture cushions, repaint ALL the decks, build the  oyster table, wire all the white lights, the list goes on and on!!! Hope we get it all done!
Have a great day!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Boat Furniture

As luck would have it, it appears at this point, we will escape the wrath of  Hurricane Irene .Others will not be so lucky. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of my  friends in it's path.Please be safe!.It has been 3 years since a hurricane has made landfall on the east coast , I am keeping my fingers crossed any damage will be minimal .What a week so far, an earthquake and now Irene.

My mind  went to boats this morning, so I thought I would share some peaceful images, of unique boat furniture.

Boats are almost always used as accessories in coastal and nautical decor.What about placing an actual boat in a room? I love the idea of a boat sofa or a boat swing .It  is a bit more unusual, but creative . Creating a nautical themed room for a child using a boat  frame as a bed is a great idea. or take a bath in a boat shaped bath tub. Check out these great uses of boats or boat inspired furniture.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Update

 Happy Monday All! I just back into town from a lovely, but an insanely hot weekend at the beach. I hope you all had a great weekend .We spent the day walking the beach. I collected a bunch of Oyster shells for my candle holders, but that was about it.. not may good shells this trip. We had some friends come out and have dinner with us one night, and I spent most of the day either in the water or engrossed in the book Something Borrowed. Oh and OHMYGOD, I got burnt... whoops!{ not a word if you are reading mom.} I did put sunscreen on ! Here are some shots from the weekend my husband took with his NikonD3000. A fabulous camera!

                     Early morning, Ray took Bentley with him for a walk and took these.

Morning Glory

Our dog is an idiot!This is what Bentley is doing most of the night because he can't come in the bedroom.

                                        These Oyster shells are much darker than they appear. They are Black.

              Keep your fingers crossed for us here in the south that Irene goes out to sea!

Have a great Monday!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Cheerful Cottage

When choosing the color palette  for this cottage, the home owners were inspired by the lake, sun and sky. What better colors than  Blue, Orange and White. A bright and cheerful cottage  with family friendly  furniture and washable  fabrics used  throughout the house. This adorable cottage sits on Lake Simcoe, in Ontario Canada. Classic  Blue and White, paired with  Orange is  a huge trend right now, one I hope will stay for awhile. How do you feel about Blue and Orange together?

Have a great weekend! We are off to the beach!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sea Chic { Etsy Shop }

When I began The Seaside Style blog in January 2011 it was out of my love and passion for the sea, the beach, interior design ,and everything coastal. Without knowing very much about the blogging world, I did  know from the beginning I wanted to have an Etsy shop.The shop would be comprised of all sorts of coastal goodies.
As we all know life happens, and it has taken me this long to make it happen. It takes time. Lots of it..and  to do this,  as with anything new, I have to learn the ropes, work out the kinks, and  hope it works out. I have started with a collection of leather beaded bracelets for now, and will move into other items as time allows . I would  really appreciate feed back, advice, or anything else you may have to offer. I am listing things slowly but surely. Thank you for your continued support!! You all make my days!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cape Cod Summer House

 For a family that calls San Francisco home most of the year. The cape is where they call home for the  summer months.This completely renovated 1800's home has a great combination of the traditional and beachy design. The original plaster ceilings were removed to expose the floor joints, therefore giving way to  beautiful exposed beams. Reclaimed chestnut floors help to warm the home. Beautiful, John Robshaw textiles through out the house add the perfect touch of of the updated exotic.