Thursday, January 13, 2011

Coastal Inspired Sisal Vase

If this winter weather has got you snowed in, like many of my friends in the North East,or you just have a good old case of "cabin fever", this quick and easy project will remind you of the beach days that are soon to come.
I used mason jars in these photos's  but you can use inexpensive vases, old bottles, even soup cans for this project.
Things you will need:

Glue gun and glue sticks
Package of sisal,( comes in different weights and widths, purchase at Walmart or a hardware store
Sand dollar
Elmers's glue
foam paint brush
1/16" drill bit

This is 8lb weight which is on the thin side I used 15lb weight.

Wrap the sisal around the entire jar. Glue the sisal to the glass about every six to eight inches,to  hold the sisal in place.

Clean,Bleach and harden your sand dollar.If you are using store bought sand dollars, you will just need to harden them.Use equal parts Elmer's glue and water, brush the mixture on both sides of the sand dollar and let dry completely. To learn how to preserve a sand dollar go

Drill a hole in the sand dollar with a 1/16" drill bit about a quarter inch from the edge. Drill slowly, if you drill too fast it has a tendency to break. I use an old wood cutting board when drilling the dollars.I attached the sand dollar with a piece of dark colored  jute for a little contrast and tied it around the jar.

Glue seashells  to the jar. This one I made a flower design.
simple is always nice too.

I would like to see how yours turns out.Please send me a photo to share.


sealaura said...

Hi there! i like this craft because I think I can do it and I have all the materials! great idea.

Seaside Style said...

Thank you soo much!

Leo said...

I really like this one. I am going to have to copy this! Great idea.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I came from the Love of the sea...after seeing her post! I love the way these turned out! I hope my hubby can help me make one! I'll let you know if we do! Thanks! ♥

Kayakbanker said...

I am thinking this could work on a flower pot large or small...ummmm

Belle Styler said...

Thanks for this idea! The sisal makes the vase look hand-made, and seashell star is a very cute touch! A lot of things could be made with sisal, and it would be great if you have new ideas for it!