Thursday, December 15, 2011

Key West Dreamin

 Several years ago we hopped on our Harley and headed to Marathon. We had reservations at a sweet little place a friend of ours managed. The hurricane was supposed to bypass the Marathon area so we decided to head South. Well..... the further south we got,  it was evident this was not true. Long story short we turned the bike around and went west and spent the week being kids again at Universal Orlando and had a blast.
 2012  we are going to  try again , and since I have have been sick in bed since last Saturday and feel like I  have been run over by a reindeer.  I have had nothing to do but play on my PC. and look at places I want to visit in the Keys . This trip, we will take the camper and camp on the beach.! These images are lovely!


lisaroy said...

Hope you're feeling better soon so you can enjoy your trip! We went to Key West a few years ago for New Years and had a blast :)

Tybee Dreaming said...

I'm from Miami and I remember when my husband would come home from work on Friday and we pack up the gear and head to the keys for the weekend of boat races and snorkeling and diving. The water so clear with 100ft visibility. Wow how I do miss all that fun. Hope ur feeling better soon. I know u will really enjoy ur trip to the keys.

Completely Coastal said...

To go with a camper should be really fun. I'd love to do that!! Hope you feel better soon.