Friday, August 12, 2011

Hats Off

I love straw hats. Not only are they a a  great fashion staple , they make a  fabulous statement in your home. It is such a simple and inexpensive way  to create a vingette, that will that reflect your own personality and style..Straw is a natural element that  can add warmth, texture and pops of color. in an unexpected area.. Here are some really pretty images and examples of just that.


                                                          Masculine, with men's hats.





                                     Now tell me, who wears this straw hat better,  Her ?

                                                                        Or Me?             

                                                         LOL  .. It was fun to try on. { I am a dork! }

images. Coastal Living, Pinterest


Anonymous said...

Cute post. Love beachy hats. Teri

Jane said...

Love hats!!! Love the photos. You have given me some ideas...
There is no beach (outdoor) accessory I love more than straw hats. I keep one in each of our cars and have others hanging at the ready to grab as I head outdoors. Here in FL, I wear hats year-round.
Have a fun weekend...

The enchanted home said...

Why you of course!! Its no contest, are you kidding! LOVE straw hats, love wearing them and love them for found so many gorgeous pictures, enjoyed them very much:)

prince snow farm said...

Love the wore it well! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that straw beachy feel...against white wood...or flopped over a slightly suntanned face....summer all the way...

Unknown said...

Hello Linda

How gorgeous - I'll have all of them please

I adore the photo of the girl in the 3rd last photo - the hat and her in the ocean!

gorgeous finds



beachcomber said...

definitely you!
looove all these pics!