Monday, January 10, 2011

Help! What's For Dinner?

Who hasn't asked themselves this question? I know I have hundred's of times.
My blog wasn't going to be about food... today,however it is.You see my hubby found out he is Diabetic . I  need to  make a long involved story short, I will not rant and rave about the incompetence of the military medical personnel, who neglected to tell him his blood sugar was very high for the last four years!I want to concentrate more on what  in the HELL am I going to feed this man? Everything we have in the fridge right now is "no bueno"!
He can no longer have salt, sugar, carbs, and let us not forget booze! and  he must exercise.The doc made a deal with him, loose 20lbs first, and see if the sugar comes down or get put on glucose now.He chose the prior.So now, we have the challenge of changing his diet.This is going to be a great thing for both of us.

My father was diabetic, and I remember my mom, bless her heart changing,EVERYTHING about the way dad ate
She is a great cook, me..not so much. I have spent most of  the morning reading and looking at recipes. My husband is a fabulous cook. I think  he might like the challenge more than me.not that I don't want to help him I just hate to cook, but I will do my part and do it lovingly.If anyone has any suggestion, ideas or recipes it would be appreciated greatly.

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