Monday, May 23, 2011

Fireplace and Mantel Transformation Reveal

We have lived in our beautiful home for almost 11 years . It was built in the mid eighties and came with a very eighties brick fireplace. Painting the brick, has been a bone of contention between my husband and myself. I wanted to paint it, he did not. What is it with men and not wanting to paint brick?  I have been admiring painted fireplaces for years and watching friend's who blog, redoing theirs, I made an executive decision and  went ahead and did it!I am so happy I did!

Fireplace and Mantel


The Mantel is solid Cherry, but when my hubby made it extended out passed the brick and was way to long. The wall color was called Khaki Shorts. See the decoration on the fasure? Hubby put that on as well many years ago when he made the fasure...Pretty dark and drab huh?

This is a better shot of how far the mantel extended outward.


I removed the little wood decoration that was there, sanded the wood and
 I primed the whole fireplace with one coat of Kilz Primer. I rolled the brick, using 1/14" nap roller. I started with a 3/4 inch . the larger worked better.

I applied 2 coats of Valspar Chef White, in a satin finish.

Hubby  shortened the mantel, gave it more of a bevel, with a lathe  and re stained it a darker brown.

This is the new color, and this is my real coral, and my dollar store hurricane candle holder's, that I made.

The bottle with the Starfish on it, is a bottle my husband found out at the beach, 20 years ago We were able to figure out it is about 100 years old. The starfish was broken, so i glued it and wrapped jute around it.
The coral on this side is Faux Coral, and found out how to do this from my sweet friend Michelle atEmerald Cove. Check out her post Fun Faux Coral.

Every Spring I put my driftwood in the fireplace,add candles and shells. The candles are sitting on old fish net buoys. Sorry, the candle is crooked.
There boat oars are old and broken, I found them on an island we go to on our boat. I love them.. The Monkey fist, I bought for 16.00! They are normally 50.00

I repainted the whole living room this weekend also, the color is so pretty. It is Valspar Churchill Hotel Ecru, in an eggshell finish.

So there it is, I  really like how it turned out, and I am happy to report my husband loves it as well! Have a great Monday !
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Coastal Health and Home said...

Dear Linda,

Wouldn't you be able to just sit and look at
this beautiful view all day?


Now your energy won't be drained everytime
you look at the fireplace and think I could
make this look so much better.

You did it!

Here's to making your dreams reality.


Coastal Blue Ocean

Barb@curlywillowdiy said...

Wow! So Much Better!! I love the idea of the driftwood displayed in the fireplace. Have a super week.

Kristin @ Yellow Bliss Road said...

Oh my gosh it looks amazing!!! You know that I'm itching to paint my fireplace...I think I'm now about five steps closer!!! The styling looks gorgeous as well.

Re Batista said...

It was much better!
The white is always white, is not it? He gave a wonderful lightness and clarity!
I enjoy decorating so, and I love to visit your blog and get inspired.
Good week!

michelle said...

This is SO BEAUTIFUL Linda!!!! I love it!! I love how you shortened the mantel too an I AM SO IN LOVE WITH YOUR FIREPLACE!!! OMG that is the coolest thing with all your driftwood and candles and shells! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I am so happy that you went for it! My hubby never wanted me to paint ours either but I just did it one day. :) Love your dollar store hurricane lamp too, very cool!! So glad that you found some coral too, it looks so perfectly beachy my friend. :) Thank you for the shout out. :)

Arabella said...

That is such an amazing transformation, Linda. I really love all the treasures on the mantel and the driftwood etc. inside the firebox - ingenious!

I hope you have time to come over & enter our "pick your summer pillow" giveaway. The retail value is up to $200 ~ Have a great week!! :O)

Calypso In The Country said...

WOW! Great transformation! I love all of your accessories - especially against the white!

The enchanted home said...

LOVE IT!! The lighter airier transformation is fabulous looking!! Great job!

Completely Coastal said...

What a steal on the monkey knot. The cheapest I ever saw was 29 if I remember right. What a transformation..., from night to day. Gorgeous..., and all the coastal goodies make it so summery.

Kirsty Girl said...

Wow.. how much better does that look? Really lightens everything up and relaxes it! Looks great!

Desert Dreaming said...

Linda...agreed, it looks so beautiful, clean and refreshing. Your accessories are ideal for your new fireplace...but, I have to say the driftwood, shells and the white starfish inside the fireplace is such a unique idea, and I admit, I just usually clean mine out and leave the doors closed on it all summer, you have given me some great ideas with that, I don't have any driftwood, but I have plenty of bamboo - not to sure how that would look though. Such a fabulous transformation. Thank you for sharing.


Cynthia said...

I love what you did to your mantel it's beautiful my favorite are the sea items inside the fireplace! just gorgeous!!

lisaroy said...

what an improvement! Not that it looked bad before but now that it's done it looks so pretty! I love all of your coral and the broken oars are great. I'm glad your hubby likes it now too - guys are funny like that - they don't want to paint brick or wood but once it's done, they like it so much better! :)

Liz said...

I love it!!! I do think that men in general are against painting brick. I have no idea why but my Husband is totally against painting ours even though it would look gorgeous white!!

abeachcottage said...

Looks amazing. Absolutely love the new colour of your fireplace, so fresh! Well done, great transformation.

Heather said...

Absolutely love the white fireplace--so crisp and fresh!

New follower, just stumbled upon your blog today!

Heather @ DIYduJour

Leo said...

I love it. You did a fantastic job. Looks great!!!

Bella-Fleur said...

love love love the fireplace painted white so fresh and clean. great job!

Samantha from Colonial Curve Cottage said...

Wholly cow! That looks amazing! I'm really really impressed! You must love going in that room all the time! :)

Gloria Fox said...

I LOVE your mantle/fireplace! The driftwood and candles inside are really great. I would stare at it all the time and just dream about being at the beach. Great job!

Emily@TheWickerHouse said...

Awesome. I love the idea of filling the fireplace up with driftwood and totally going to copy you. cheers!

ritajoy said...

Thanks for posting this. I've been considering painting some bricks, too... I love the fresh, white beachy! And, I'm thrilled your husband likes it too!

Debbiedoos said...

My Mom has been wanting to do this for sometime. I told her to go for it. You did a great job! Thanks for sharing with my newbie party.

laxsupermom said...

Beautiful transformation! I love how the wood of the mantel pops against the white of the bricks now. I've been dying to paint our fireplace brick, but hubs is not really on board. This is going in my inspiration file. Thanks for sharing.

I'm hosting my monthly Before Blogging Throwback Thursdays party and would love it if you linked up a something you made/did/bought before blogging. The link will be open til next week. Can't wait to see what you bring to the party.

Fireplace boxes mail boxes weathervanes barbeques said...

The fireplaces are obviously prefabricated. It shows using a level after the fireplace is being made. A level would not be a tool used to build a fireplace.

Carolyn said...

Absolutely fabulous!!! I've looked at the photos over and over again -- love it! And I agree, what IS it with me and painting brick?? Weird.

I am visiting from Debbiedoo's and am now your newest follower!

Helen's Decor said...

Hi Linda, mercy, I thought i was reading my life story. Our fireplaces and mantles were almost twins! The brick were the same, I think. Yes, I agonized over my fireplace for almost 20 years. No one wanted me to paint it. My husband, sister, and girl friends were all afraid it would ruin it. And I thought it already had been ruined. I posted mine last week, too. I'm on Debbie's Newbie Party, too. Come see mine...I'm your newest follower. BTW, I do love your new look on that fireplace! Helen of Helen's Decor