Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Pasta Salad

What makes this recipe so great is, you can throw everything but the kitchen sink into this salad. My mom started making this in the early 80's and is a  favorite of mine. The color of all the summer veggies makes it so pretty. Over the years I have deviated from her recipe and added to it. This is my latest recipe.

                                                           Summer Pasta Salad


  16 oz  box of Rotini pasta
   1 can of Garbanzo beans
   1  can of black beans
   1 can of sweet peas
   1 jar of pesto
   Parmesan cheese
   Zesty Italian Salad Dressing
   4 or 5 peeled carrots
   1 head of Broccoli
   2 tomatoes
   1 head of cauliflower
    1 yellow squash
   1 box of croutons

Cook your pasta el dente. Cool in the fridge. cook  ALL  the veggies { except the tomatoes} just a couple minutes so there there is still a crisp bite to them and not soft. drain your beans and peas. let the veggies cool off.  
Take the pasta out of the fridge, and add pesto{.this is optional.} I use a a  large soup spoon full of pesto. mix well. Add parm cheese to taste. I like a lot of this as well. put all the veggies in the pasta, mix again and add Zesty Italian salad dressing, mix well. top with croutons and more parm cheese if desired. chill until cold or serve immediately..

If serving later add the croutons right before serving so they don't get soft.

Serves 6  Enjoy!




The enchanted home said...

Looks yummy and I am always looking for good cold pasta salads, great to take on a picnic or beach! Printing it as I type this!

Simple Daisy said...

That salad looks delicious:)

Beach Coast Style said...

this looks soooo yummy! would be nice with some grilled salmon:)

Completely Coastal said...

A little pasta salad is my plan for tonight!! I'll make it with cut-in-half-spaghetti. For some reason that's what I'm into it.

michelle said...

That looks really good! I love anything pasta. :)

kate blue said...

you had me at black beans and pesto...I never thought to add beans to my pasta salad but what a great way to get the protein in-I'm gonna start adding chickpeas in!