Saturday, June 18, 2011

Poolside Paradise

 The heat is on here in the South! We are flocking to the beach, lakes and  pools to" get our summer on." and escape the heat. Our  pool isn't going in until next Spring, so of course I am looking at everything pool related I can't wait!. How wonderful would it be to have a pool house? Oh my the the thought of it! Oh, I can dream... These pool side get aways and back yard oasis's make it so you would never want to leave your home! If you own a pool any advice would be wonderful and greatly appreciated.

   Image  source's Coastal Living and Southern Living


Mary Ann Pickett said...

Pool Party! I miss having a pool but not the upkeep! You will really enjoy yours though. It was nice having "spitters" into the pool to make the fountain may consider that with your new pool.

Anonymous said...

Stunning pictures, and with the heat in Florida above average right now, just looking at these makes one cool off! It's 12:30 pm here, and already 93 degrees. We have an in the ground spa, we use in the summer, no heat of course, just to cool off on a hot lazy summer's day.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Desert Dreaming

bella-fleur said...

Love all the outdoor spaces I could happily relax and enjoy a good book and a glass of vino in any of them :-)

michelle said...

These are gorgeous!! I think my favorite is the third to the last, love that little bistro table and the view is pretty good too. :)
Pool party at your house next summer! I wish we had a pool as well, I keep trying to convince the hubby but that is not going over so well. :)

Haus and Home said...

I love all of these, I don't think I can pick a favorite!!! Ahhh the life :)