Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What I am Loving Right Now { Trina Turk }

What is there not to love about Trina Turk? Her vibrant colors and bold patterns make her a stand out in the fashion and interior design world. Here are several things her things I just love.

This pink beach bag is great, see through makes things easy to find.

                                                                       Beach candle

Brightly colored beach towel
                                     This rope necklace is awesome with the dangling charms.
                                                         .Beautiful  bed  linens always make you feel pampered.


Anonymous said...

I received your comment, and I deleted you as someone I follow, and tried it again, though I am a follower, it's still coming up that I am Anonymous...having the same trouble with several that I follow. Thank you though, it was worth a try.

Love this post and anything Trina Turk. The pink beach bag is so pretty, I think some sweet talking to my husband tonight is in order!!! My daughter and I have her teal bracelet and them. Everything is in very happy colors and reminds me so much of Palm Springs. Thank you for sharing.

Desert Dreaming

Seaside Style said...

Too weird Joni... Now your icon shows, just not your name... hmm who knows right? LOL Her stuff is ALL very happy!

Naturally Carol said...

Hi Linda..I love happy stuff! That's a great fabric for a cushion..really makes a statement. I like the bag too..though I'd have to watch what I put in it.

The enchanted home said...

LOVE Trina Turk. My 2 favorties tops of all times are both hers, and I refuse to give them up! Love her style and design asthetic...she is so talented!!

Beach Coast Style said...

love the pink bag and the candle! cool items!

I snagged the button you had in your sidebar "what happens at the beach" and I put a link to your blog. I hope it get's you some new readers.

Town and Country Gals said...

All those things are fab! I haven't seen any of her things. Love the pillow fabric and the necklace. Very cool!