Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Engagement Party Preparations

Hi ! I hope everyone is doing well and if you were in Irene's path, I hope that you fared well. We have so much going on here. We are getting ready to throw a large engagement party for our son and future daughter in law.October 15th is the party and we are so excited! The list  of " to do's " is over whelming.! First on the list was our back deck and yard. It looks like something out of  " The Munster's ", if you are old enough to remember the show. While I am working on things inside the house, hubby is working on the scary yard. When you see these photos, don't judge! :)  this is what the back yard looked like.

                      There was  wicker furniture on the deck but moved it to the front porch. The hammock just sat under the canopy..hmmmm

     There used to be an upper deck that extended outward, when we had a large above ground pool. hubby already took that down.

This is the arbor we were married under almost 11 yrs ago, that my husband refuses to move. The yard looked beautiful back then.

This is what the  new stairs look like now. Still don't judge, we are far from there yet but making progress.

                                                      A HUGE improvement!

   The invitation , I designed. Since M & M  are not have a beach wedding, we are  having an Oyster Roast. So I will use  a combination of  Oyster decorations, and White Pumpkins. I am making oyster shell candle holders now.

      This is my mantel inspiration, white pumpkins and will be using   flame less candles and white coral.

My mom, floral designer extraordinaire is doing the flowers. I am trying to get my hands on vintage oyster cans for some of the arrangements.

This is just a peek at what is going on. Plants have to be planted, new furniture cushions, repaint ALL the decks, build the  oyster table, wire all the white lights, the list goes on and on!!! Hope we get it all done!
Have a great day!



Bella-Fleur said...

It will look fab when you are all done. Glad to hear you were spared by Irene, so was my sister over in Bluffton :-)

Coastal Health and Home said...

Best wishes on your party prep!



Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Sounds exciting. I can't wait to see how it all turns out.

The enchanted home said...

First congrats...so exciting!! Love the arbor and how beautiful that you can use it again for another wedding! I look foward to hearing and seeing how it all turns out, love your theme, what fun!
Enjoy..its so great to be back in blogland!

sealaura said...

Sounds like a lot of work but your plans are great and I bet you will do a great job and hey you are getting a little remodel, how nice!!

congrats to your son and DIL and I hope everything runs smoothly.

Melissah from Coastl Style said...

I envy you Linda, I would love to have a project like that to look forward to. I know it's a heap of work but it will be worth it end! The back porch already look s fabulous!
Coastal Style!

michelle said...

It is going to be so amazing! It is alot of work but it looks like you are going in the right direction. The stairs look amazing!