Friday, June 3, 2011

Waterfront Retreats

These boat house retreats are tucked amongst the lush  greenery and beautiful view of a lake that,makes it a perfect setting for a relaxing getaway It doesn't matter if it is lakeside, ocean side or bay side, I'll take it These two homes have different looks.I love them both!



Nicole-Lynn said...

Love it all! The neutral colors, clean and crip white, and the outdoor shower!

Shellbelle said...

Oh, I love the first one! Looks like the perfect size for me and I love all the white, so peaceful.

I would definitely spend the majority of my time out on one of the decks.

The enchanted home said...

This has me longing for my own waterfront retreat!! I wish I could click my heels and be transported there, it looks so serene and calm and enjoyable. I need a relaxation getaway BIG TIME! Love the all white, so soothing and elegant and inviting. Lovely post!

michelle said...

Hey darling! I was just coming by to see how you are doing. I hope your week has been good and you are enjoying your weekend.
I LOVE these two houses and all those plank walls in the first!! *sigh* The deck on the second house is gorgeous!! Love love love!

Keren - The Brown Trading Co. said...

Oh how positively beautiful, how wonderful it would be to wake up to that!


Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Hi Linda
I was just clicking on the site of my newest follower and found my way here.

Your blog is beautiful. I am clicking to follow.