Friday, August 5, 2011

Friendship Day

Friendship Day is celebrated every year, on the first Sunday of August .This Sunday is Friendship Day! It is said that you are very lucky if you can count your TRUE friends on one hand. I  have never found this to be more true. During the course of one's life we have  all had  friends come and go in  for what ever reason.  For me, there are 2 women that have  stood  by me my whole life. They are my mom and my sister . Not everyone can say that their mom or their sister is their best friend, so I feel blessed and fortunate.I don't know what I would do with out them, but we all have  the ONE friend who is your go to girl, gal pal, BFF Soul Sister or  sister from a different mister.. you get the idea. On  Friendship Day  I hope you  remember them.....


                    Who can forget this classic episode of Lucy and Ethel Singing "Friendship"?


    We  wore or still do wear our endearing love for our friends around our wrists.


                                                      We do crazy things together.


We tell each other our deepest darkest secrets.

                                                         We poke fun at ourselves


                                                           We accept each other as individuals.

                                                            We lean on one another, in tough times.

                    If you are very lucky you will have a friendship that started as children   

              That grew into adult hood, and  If you are REALLY fortunate.......

                                                              Hopefully into old age

                     Wonderful chick flicks have been made that celebrate the bond of friendship.

A TRUE friend will always tell you the truth, will be there in good times and in bad, and will walk in when the rest of the world walk out.It is someone you can trust implicitly. Someone that lives my the same code you do...

                                                                 This is my girl

We are the captains of our own ships sailing the sea of life, but in times of a stormy weather, you will discover true friends when they don't hesitate to be a lighthouse.  ~Dodinsky,

 I have also met and become friends  with some wonderful women I have met blogging. Thank you!!
 I hope you are able to spend Sunday with a great friend! Happy  Friendship Day on Sunday and have a great weekend!


Bella-Fleur said...

I L*O*V*E this! thanks for sharing. My sister is BFF and I am so blessed to have her!

Simple Daisy said...

What a very sweet post!!! I am lucky enough to have a best friend that i've known since 7th grade!! have true friends is a very lucky thing!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda-
Thanks for visiting my blog. It's nice to discover other coastal inspired blogs. I will be back to visit for more.

The enchanted home said...

What would life be without the company and smiles and hugs of great friends! I am so lucky to have a few exceptionally amazing friends in my life so I will be sure to honor them on Sunday, thank you for letting us know!

Natasha in Oz said...

This was such a wonderful post! I had no idea it was Friendship Day on Sunday-thanks for telling me!

If you have 5 Minutes to spare, I would so love it if you could link this post up to my new "Pinning and Singing on the Weekend" Linky Party! This post is just perfect for it!

Best wishes,
Natasha @ 5 Minutes Just for me

lisaroy said...

What a great post! There's nothing like a true friend xo

Bunny Jean said...

Happy Frienship Day!
Did you know that Lucy would have just turned 100 years old... Same as my Mother. (I posted in early July about her and shared a song and pictures.)

Those were great pictures, thanks for sharing.

xoxo Bunny Jean

Mer said...

Your post is beautiful! I am glad to know about Friendship Day.

Restoration House said...

Such a sweet post!

Beautiful Day said...

I always think once you have a friend you will have them forever, even if you don't see them for ages.I have hit a time in my life when I have realised that friendships are very important to me and I want to cultivate more of them. I love the pic of you and your bestie. It warmed my heart! xx

Nicole-Lynn said...

Aw! Love that! I especially loved seeing the S&TC pic!

Natasha in Oz said...

I just wanted to pop by and thank you for linking up to my Pinning & Singing on the Weekend Linky party-I really appreciate it! I hope to see you again this weekend!

Best wishes,