Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sea Chic { Etsy Shop }

When I began The Seaside Style blog in January 2011 it was out of my love and passion for the sea, the beach, interior design ,and everything coastal. Without knowing very much about the blogging world, I did  know from the beginning I wanted to have an Etsy shop.The shop would be comprised of all sorts of coastal goodies.
As we all know life happens, and it has taken me this long to make it happen. It takes time. Lots of it..and  to do this,  as with anything new, I have to learn the ropes, work out the kinks, and  hope it works out. I have started with a collection of leather beaded bracelets for now, and will move into other items as time allows . I would  really appreciate feed back, advice, or anything else you may have to offer. I am listing things slowly but surely. Thank you for your continued support!! You all make my days!



Completely Coastal said...

Congrats on your Etsy shop... and all the best!!!! Beautiful bracelets. All I would say is..., if possible make the images brighter. But that's just me. You go girl!

The enchanted home said...

Congrats!! That is so wonderful and I love seeing anyone following their dream. All dreams start with something small and its up to you to determine how big those dreams become! Exciting...look forward to seeing it as it evolves.

michelle said...

How exciting!! Congrats!! I love these bracelets and I can't wait to see what else you add. I know it takes time but you will get there and it will be beautiful, you have fabulous taste! :)

Splenderosa said...

I'm giving you a shout-out on my next post. You are great!

sealaura said...

As you already know I am smitten by the bracelets, I agree with Maya, brighter and clearer pictures always draw me in. I think these bracelets will be a hit!!!