Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Shark Week and My Jaws Connection

It's SHARK WEEK!!! The annual week long series on the Discovery Channel devoted Sharks.This  series enlightens, and educates us and allows us to see these animals in a way we wouldn't normally be able to. I look at these creatures in complete and utter and amazement and photography and cinematography is breath taking. I must say... they are not my favorite animal. but have great respect for them! { as anyone, with half a brain in their head would}I have seen Great Whites up close in personal as they hung  from an enormous fishing scale at the Montauk Marina  in Montauk., LI.  My family  fished for Sharks 100 mile off shore, while we didn't catch a Great White, we did catch several other species of shark and towed them on the side of our boat to bring back to sell.. I have seen first hand how a bucket of chum will send sharks into a  feeding frenzy as they surrounded our boat .EEEKKK! The fishing was great. but we were always anxious to get back to dock, to see how the other fisherman had done that day, to see who had the biggest shark.!

 Frank Mundus.... Do you know that name? if you don't you will now.

If you are  a JAWS  fan, then you will remember Quint, The fishing captain and character that actor, Robert Shaw, played.
  Quint was not just a Hollywood created character. He was based on the real fishing captain out of Montauk, Long Island,Frank Mundus, captain of the Cricket II. One of the most famous Great White shark fisherman  of all time, and the inspiration behind Peter Benchley's book Jaws. I had the pleasure of meeting Frank Mundus on more than one occasion in Montauk, when I was a teen ager. in the 70's. Frank did not get due credit  as far as the movie is concerned, but his fishing legacy will always live on. When my dad first told me who I was I didn't believe him. Like many people, I thought  he was a fictitious character, When in fact I met a  fishing  legend! Frank Mundus passed away in 2008 at 82 years old.

To learn more about this incredible hunter go here

Enjoy the rest of Shark Week!


Karena said...

I too have a great respect for these great creatures as scary as they are...thanks for the link I will check it out!


Art by Karena

The enchanted home said...

Love Jaws have probably seen it 12 times! And I LOVE shark week, what is it with our fascination over these unbelievable creatures? I can never get enough!

Unknown said...

Glad to hear from you. My birthday is this month also. Happy B day. I am also watching shark week...I still havent gotten over the movie Jaws. I love the cupcakes!!!

Leo said...

Shark week makes me scared to get in the water. Have seen these creatures up close and personal in Australia. It was very intimidating for sure. And I have snorkeled (without meaning to) right over a couple of reef sharks and nurse sharks in Looe Key in the Florida Keys. That was scary.

michelle said...

You know that I am glued to the TV this week. :) I love this story and that is just so cool and so amazing that you got to meet him. These are such amazing animals, very scary, but there is so much to be learned.

I hope you are well.