Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fab Find { Hold the Phone ! }

Countless medical reports have proven that we are exposed to radiation from our cell phone .N   The dangers to our health from radiation are proven . This amazing little gadget has been certified to reduce radiation from the cell phone at a minimum of 96%. I love the retro vibe and the great colors.The head set simply attaches to your cell phone, and adapts to almost all cell phones.The company behind this idea is  YUBZ.  I haven't seen these before or even being used before, Have you?  If you have used one I would love to know  what you think.

                                                     Is this the next new wave of the future?

                                    Or  could we be going back to something like this?

                                                                  Cute designs.

                                                     and a large selections of colors.


jenna ♥ a little blue said...

haha i love these!! :) so fun & completely whimsical

michelle said...

No WAY!! I love those!!!! How fun would that be and it would be ever better if you can get the sound that a dialing phone makes, I just love that sound!

sealaura said...

I have not seen any people with these but I too am VERY scared of the cancer risk with cell phones. But anyway, they are super cute, I'm not sure I would carry it all over town but it would be lovely to use it at home while I am gabbing on the couch!

Gloria Fox said...

Those are so fun! I'm with Sealaura, I wouldn't carry it around but for at home it would be cool.