Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bahamas Veranda Beach House

This veranda house is another lovely project from the talented Designer Tom Scheerer.. Eclectic in  style this house has almost.a 60's vibe combined with a 2012 modern beach chic. A  neutral color palette and gorgeous wood through out makes this is one chic casa.

Images  ViaTom
To see more of Tom Scheerer. Read my other post.


Unknown said...

It's beautiful! The perfect tropical sanctuary! xo K

Genny Stutesman said...

It's not surprising to know that he has a beautiful beach house in the Bahamas. I mean, hey, he's Tom Scheerer. He has mastered almost all architectural styles. I wish I had the moolah to hire him as my architect for the house I want to get built for my mom.

Randy Robinson said...

Wow, I've never seen a house made from the combination of the concepts of the past decade and the latest trends today. That's ingenious designing! That marble-walled shower room is my favorite! I’m sure taking a bath there would be very soothing.

Allan Getter said...

Oh my! That is one of the most beautiful beach houses that I have ever seen! Just looking at those pictures relaxes me already, what more if I actually live there! Amazing!