Monday, March 7, 2011

Broxton Bridge

This past weekend we did not go to the beach on our camping trip.Instead we took the beach house on wheels and went 50 miles inland to Earnhardt SC.The reason for this trip......We went to see the Civil War reenactment of ,the Battle For Broxton Bridge.Many friends as well as my mom and sis thought this would be about as exciting as watching "paint dry". Granted, this would not have been my 1st choice for the past weekend getaway, but, my hubby really wanted to see it, and we were going with fellow camping friends, and why not learn some history along the way?
The people watching made it ALL worth while.This is taken very seriously!People from all over the south come to see and participate in this reenactment.  It is one that is actually performed on the actual battle field where the war was being  fought.
From the time you enter the camp area, you have been thrown back to the Civil War. Cannons are going off periodically and in the evening the sounds of men, calling to another in the woods can be heard. Taps was sounded off in the evening and revelry in the morning.These pictures have a bit of everything, fashion, interior design,  and home accessories.

Tents were set up, just as they would  have been during the war.

The North

The South
This very small cemetery is on the battlefield.
Some Interior Design inspiration.
Dark and mysterious
Rebel hats
This lady's dress was beautiful.
This couple from NC were delightful.
I was so interested in his attire, he had to go back and get his straw hat. How cool is this hat?
s Beautiful handmade bowl we bought is made of poplar.
A vintage vignette.
This would be a great beach chair.
Young women attended to the wounded on the battlefield.


michelle said...

I have never been to one of these but my parents go to Williamsburg every year and see these as well. The town is also set up like the time period and people play all the roles and yes it is very serious! They love it! My mom is a huge history buff. It would be interesting to see, glad you had a good time.

Leo said...

I would find this very interesting! Did you enjoy it? Seems so. Have a great week!!