Saturday, March 12, 2011

Blue Bird Nest

Bird nests are frequently seen as part of the Shabby Chic look.Even though I have never used a birds nest as part of my decor in my home, I had the perfect opportunity when  I found a  nest in my Blue Bird house. I thought I would  use my new found treasure and implement it into my coastal decor.Every year a Bluebird house should be cleaned out, for the Bluebirds to return to nest. This is just another thing I have neglected to do, and may very well be the reason I haven't seen any recently.I went to clean the house and found....

 The hole is too big, and prey can get the sweet little birds.Time for a new bird house.

Pretty little nest

 I had no idea how to preserve a bird nest, so I did a little research. I gently shook the nest to remove loose debris.Instead of using a pesticide that was recommended, I used the microwave. I kill  the bugs in Spanish Moss  the same way. I figured it couldn't hurt.I  set the microwave for 10 seconds. Wow, little critters were running for their lives! I did this at 10 second increments, for 90 seconds.

I gently  remolded the nest, and gave it 3 coats of the acrylic spray.
I purchased a  handmade Poplar bowl , last weekend and had no idea where I was going to put it. I had to finish it with Linseed oil to bring out the wood grain and seal and protect it.

I started putting some of my shells, driftwood,moss and some other goodies in the bowl.

I wanted to keep it very neutral in color.
 I kept adding more Spanish Moss, and let it billow over the sides. I put some see glass in the nest, for a little color.

I added some palm leaves that I got from the yard to add some height This is the finished product..What do you think?

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michelle said...

That turned out so adorable! I love the palm leaves and that poplar bowl is beautiful!
I actually saw a bluebird yesterday! Oh Spring is coming! :)