Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How To Decorate With Vintage Bottles

Decorating with vintage bottles can add character and charm to any home. They are pretty versitile as far as being able to use them in any decor. As much as I hate to use the adage "everything old is new again" it is oh so true, you  see it everywhere.Vintage is" in" It is chic, and trendy.While,we are all trying to play our part in protecting our planet by recycling   and being eco friendly,  I love  when I see the  beautiful treasures   that can be made from old  bottles or used in home decor. Breathing new life into Vintage bottles is a popular hobby.There are also serious bottle collectors out there.Certain types of bottles are more popular than others.and some bottles can sell for over 100.00, depending on the type of bottle it is. For some it is  the thrill of the hunt. For others it is a serious venture..Here are some vintage bottles used in creative ways.If you purchase a vintage bottle or find one, go here to learn how to clean bottles. .http://cleaning.lovetoCleaning_Old_Bottlesknow.com/.

I love the idea of scanning photos and placing them in a bottle.Yankee Magazine

Cottage chic in the kitchen

Vintage bottles in cobalt blue.Etsy

How can we forget the ship in the bottle?

A shabby chic sweet look.

This is a great idea, for a wedding table assignment.
For a special occasion, anniversary, child's bithday , a wedding or graduation , put the picture of the person or person's you are celebrating in  a mason jar .

Give a  vintage bottle new life by painting it.

Part of the charm of old bottles is leaving bits of the earth in them.

Let the sun catch the beautiful colors of the glass by placing them on a window sill.

Great candle holders

Clear glass on white. Pure and simple.apartment therapy

This is my creation.Seaside Style

I love the sea life bottles, I can't get enough of this look.Completely Coastal


A Vintage Vine said...

Buying glass bottles are a weakness of mine!!! Thanks for sharing!


Nice collection... the humble glass bottle can become many things! and a great way to stop throwing our glass in the bin! Love the photo in the bottle! Lisa

Seashells and Southern Belles said...

ahhh love the idea of placing photos in mason jars or in old glass bottles. Mentally filing this away for when I get married!! (however long that may be, haha

Mary Ann Pickett said...

So many great ideas but I especially love the clear sparkly bottles with the candles.
Mary Ann

sealaura said...

pictures in the jars is my fave bc I haven't seen that done before. MUY cool!