Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hackers Spammers and A Night In The Hospital

  Oh my, I do believe I have been hacked and spammed.Urrggg! After spending 24 hrs in the hospital, I returned home to find the internet was down  due to a storm and couldn't blog. When I  woke up this morning I was able to get on and  WHAT!!!! my freakin header is gone and there is  some bizarre comment in some language. The only word I can make is is porn. Hmm..... Oh Whatever!!!! This is a long post for me, sorry. I feel like I have a lot to say this morning. So if you aren't in the mood for reading my feelings won't be hurt.

 The reason for the hospital trip... I had not been feeling well all week and was suffering from chest pain . Thursday it became pretty severe. and felt like this.....

 I am not a hypochondriac and hate going to the Dr. So when It was recommended I head to the ER. I went reluctantly. Trip # 1. Hubby dropped me off at the front door so he could park the car. I took one look in there and this is what it looked like!

" Oh  hell no" I told myself and walked out. I made my husband take me home. He wasn't happy about that. I thought I would feel better shortly. No such luck. I called my friend in the neighborhood who is an RN and she came over and checked me. She said go back. Trip #2, gave all my symptoms and they got me right in. If I had done this in the first place I could have been in sooner. Oh well. Anywhooo,  the ER Doctor, Dr. Jolley, who I  need to mention  is not very Jolly, and had really bad collagen injections to her lips, invited me to spend the night in the hospital...  I asked why? her reply  " because you are 50 years old and have chest pain". I wanted to say " well your 40 something and have really BAD lips!"

The trauma room was right next to mine, and the ambulance was bringing in a gentleman in cardiac arrest I began to wonder why they where moving so slow, and why it was so quiet. Not a good sign. I later found out he had passed. This stayed with me all night. I will tell you more later.

Beaufort used to be a small town. It used to be everyone knew everyone, If you have lived here as long as my husband, 32 yrs. and own your own biz, you do know everyone, and If you have 4 kids that have lived here all their life, you know their friends.

The girl at the registration desk is a friend of my daughter.. The woman next to me and her son are friends of my husband. He is blah blahing to them...... and the phlebotomist knows my daughter and youngest son. " OH my gosh Mikey has got to be your son, he looks just like you"! at the top of her lungs and continues to go on and on and on !!!! " Oh good grief".

My male nurse was great guy, 30 yrs old. We were talking about the gentleman next door and he told me he didn't make it. He saw the expression on my face. hey says " hey it happens" " when your time is up your time is up" I gasped at him. I asked how old he was.  his reply " ya know older, 50 something" WTF !! I Looked at him  in disbelief and laughed. What is it about being 50????  I am 1/2 a century old! { soon to be 51} middle aged, and considered " older"....... Sometimes it is kind of hard to swallow.. The funny thing is no one thinks I am 50! Everyone thinks I am still in my forties. I am happy about that, but the minute you actually say the number it is different.  Does anyone else feel like this?? Please tell me if you  do!
I guess when I was 30 I probably thought 50 was older too. My parents never seemed older to me, I guess because they were so active and looked young I didn't think of them this way. It wasn't until Daddy got sick that I viewed him as older. My mom at almost 73 is beautiful, healthy and vibrant.!

 Finally at 10pm I am getting ready to go to my room.  The family is being brought in to  see their deceased loved one.  The preacher who is accompanying the family is walking down the hallway  and sticks his  hand in the room to shake hands with my husband.  " hey Ray  how you doin ?" I am being wheeled out and the family is right in front of me. Their faces etched in my mind. The wife being  held on two by two other family members and sobbing. It was all I could do to keep back the tears back. I started to utter " I am so sorry"{ I cry now as I type these words} but I couldn't speak them. three years ago, I lost my dad, I watched him pass in front of me. I still have not recovered.

After three doses of Nitro, { which gives you an unbelievable headache! } and EKG, cardiac enzymes done. An Echo  Cardiogram , and a Nuclear Stress test done. All tests negative for a heart attack! No signs of blockage! The only thing that could be found was a very small Mitro  Valve leak..  Given the history, of heart disease in the family and the fact I  seem to be a genetic clone of my dad  it behoved me  have these tests done. Oh and let's not forget  I AM  50!

 I got a script for Pro tonics, because they believe I have a gastro problem. We will see.

Please don't ignore any chest pain.! It is better to  be safe than sorry. Keep your heart healthy and take care!

Have a great Saturday!


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Even though you posted with a touch of humor, this still hit home. I'm in my 50's too and I know how you feel. Why is it that in my HEAD I am still only 26?? I'm glad you're ok.

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Let me tell, time does not change everything....I am 75, but look 65, at 65 they think I'm 75 I turn to ancient! So, I just don't tell anyone how old I am 'cause I'll be that old no matter what they think. Glad you had your heart checked out, that was very wise! Oh, after reading the post above...even when you are 75 you will think you are in your twenties!

Stitchfork said...

Glad you're ok! And we are not old yet, but we are wiser! Just think - that younger set will be in their 50's someday feeling the same way. Hope you found your blog header.
xo Cathy

The enchanted home said...

OMG!! 50? You are a spring chicken, my dear, you are just getting this engine revved up to really do some living!
What a story and I appreciated the humor you interjected into it!! Hospitals are like travel....they both stink and are not fun EVER. So glad you are feeling so much better and that there is nothing serious!!
Feel better....

Anonymous said...

What a night - glad it turned out okay for you. Maybe the meds you got will fix you right up. Take care of yourself.

beachcomber said...

that would have been a bit scary for you! glad you're ok. thanks for reminding us all to look after ourselves. i'm even older than you 52! can't believe i'm that old. it is good to be wiser though. i look at my mum 81 still enjoying life.
hope you get your header back! : )
cheryl x

Mary Ann Pickett said...

No kidding...WTF. You are the picture of health and energy! You are so right that we need to take care of ourselves. My son just started college and I have cleaned out all the junk food and my husband and I are eating REALLY healthily (have to drop some lbs.).
You MUST keep us posted about your health (I was praying for you while I read your post). And I think your header looks rather cute!

Sam said...

Glad to know you are ok, not a great experience, but your post made me laugh in a good way. Happy to see you back and porn free! lol Sam

Karena said...

I for one am really glad you went to the ER , so many women ignore chest pain! You do look great and it is good to look young and take care of yourself. I am taking more supplements than ever!


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Marguerite said...

What an ordeal, but you were wise to go to the ER! So glad that everything checked out ok. I love being 50 something and am having the time of my life.

Leo said...

How odd..I just had the same exact thing happen to me...only I did not go to the emergency room. I went to an urgent care facility because I couldn't bear the emergency room for all the reasons that you mentioned. I had all the same tests too. And I am 51. Even though I don't feel like I am. Yikes. Is that what happens? Hope all is well. And I am glad you are feeling better!

Rose West said...

Hospital visits are no fun! I hope you get to feeling better soon!

simmone said...

Glad you are feeling better,good advice given.