Thursday, August 4, 2011

Casa Concha { Sea Shell Houses }

Sea Shells are so common place in coastal design and decor, they are used on just about anything and everything.Why should I be surprised that they be used to adorn a house? The pain staking effort ,time and precision that it takes to put each individual shell on these architectural wonders is nothing short of magnificent and true works of art.


Sea Grape Lodge, Florida

Mosaic shell house Denmark

Tel Aviv

Buddhist Temple In Taiwan

Saint Cugat
Cayman Islands
This is..There was an old woman who lived in a shell...oh what was she thinking oh what in the hell? section of the post. I adore seashells, but living a house shaped like one? I think not..that is taking it just an eensy weensy bit too far for me. The architecture is ingenious, just not my taste.




Mexico City

"The Pearl" Solaleya

image sources: Tumblr. Flickr.Pinterest,National Geographic ,Essential Beachcomber, I love Shelling, Huffington.Post


Beach Coast Style said...

Love all of these! don't think I have seen any thing like it before thanks for posting these!!!

Nancy Yuskaitis said...

Just wonderful! I love it...thanks for sharing these beautiful homes.

beachcomber said...

wow! amazing!!

Leo said...

Oh my gosh - this is so funny. Talk about taking your obsession to the next level. A shell shaped house! haha.

Melissah said...

Now they are crazy houses! The Intercontinental resort we stayed at on Bora Bora had shells stuck into cement walls in the main restaurant and it look stylish and beachy - it's a great idea when done in moderation!

Bella-Fleur said...

love love love all the shells! what a fun post!