Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Boat Furniture

As luck would have it, it appears at this point, we will escape the wrath of  Hurricane Irene .Others will not be so lucky. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of my  friends in it's path.Please be safe!.It has been 3 years since a hurricane has made landfall on the east coast , I am keeping my fingers crossed any damage will be minimal .What a week so far, an earthquake and now Irene.

My mind  went to boats this morning, so I thought I would share some peaceful images, of unique boat furniture.

Boats are almost always used as accessories in coastal and nautical decor.What about placing an actual boat in a room? I love the idea of a boat sofa or a boat swing .It  is a bit more unusual, but creative . Creating a nautical themed room for a child using a boat  frame as a bed is a great idea. or take a bath in a boat shaped bath tub. Check out these great uses of boats or boat inspired furniture.


Seashells and Southern Belles said...

I love, love these! Especially that first one!

Leo said...

Love the second one. That is one unique looking bed!

Completely Coastal said...

Love that wooden tub in the second picture too!!! Way to soak!

michelle said...

I am so glad that you are not in her path, my friend that just moved to S Carolina is experiencing her first hurricane.
I love these boats, especially the beds. :)

beachcomber said...

love the boat pics. i hope the hurricane doesn't do too much damage!

Unknown said...

I've found your blog via Marsha at Splenderosa.
As a new coastal home owner your blog is just perfect :)
Beautiful peaceful images...the boat on the ceiling is inspired!

Jane said...

hmmm. not sure about a boat on my bedroom ceiling. who's idea was that? I can picture myself in the last photo however. a great photo collection! happy friday, and pleased to hear you will miss the worst of the weather. Jane x

Melissah from coastal Style said...

I love all of those - they are so much fun!

Simple Daisy said...

Oh my gosh...what an awesome post!!! I love all the boat decor:)

michelle said...

Hey there dearie! I hope you are ok and made it through Irene with minimal damage.
Just wanted to check in and say hi and have a great week!

Arabella said...

These boat examples are fabulous, Linda. I hope that you are safe and weathered the storm well. Looking forward to an update.

If you do get a chance this week, come over and enter to win a beach glass necklace (link on our home page) :O)

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