Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dollar Store Glass Hurricane Candle Holders

 I love the Pottery Barn and William Sonoma and the other high end companies that make the hurricane candle holder's, but  for some reason I have had a hard time buying any because of the cost.I love good quality things and appreciate the finer things in life, but when it comes to glass things let the truth be told.... I am a bull in a china shop.This,I have been told this all my life. I do  have a tendency to break things, A LOT of things! and it can never be the inexpensive things, it is always my good stuff, so when I saw this on a website calledDollar Store Crafts I laughed to my self, "oh this should be interesting". When I saw the post about apothecary Jars and  candle holders it got my attention. I was still skeptical, so this morning went to the Dollar store, and low and behold there were the candle sticks and the vases! I spent a little over 6.00. I am pretty pleased! This idea is so inexpensive and a great one!

I already had the vases from my hubby sending flower's over the years.

Here are the candle sticks from the Dollar Store, they  are glass and pretty good looking for a 1.00

Do not use Super Glue.Use this, it is great. I scuffed the top of the candle holder with some sand paper
so the glue would adhere better.
Here is the first set! Don't pay attention to  the big scratch on the table, darn dog! A little play sand and some tapered candles that had to be cut down. Not bad!
So I started on the next set, I bought the vases. A dollar each. 

Candle sticks, a dollar each, and look! I am so diggin these! They have several different sizes and shapes.

Think of it, the possibilities are endless! I can now scour  flea markets and antique shops for candle sticks and vases. This is new to me so sorry, if I am excited, and I know it has probably been around for a while, I am just super excited about these little ditties! Hmmm, I am already thinking Christmas. Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma I love you and always will, and still pledge to be a faithful customer.

Here is how they all look on my mantle. They may be put somewhere else in the house but for now they are here.

This lovely brick fireplace has been a bone of contention between my husband and myself for over a decade now. He doesn't wanted painted, and I do. Well, as soon as he is able to be at the office for more than just a few hours, this sucker is getting painted!  What you need to know is my hubby is severely color blind, and every time I leave to go away for a few days to my mom's or my sis's. He likes to surprise me. Oh, it's a surprise alright! I have come home to pink carpeting... yes pink, he thought it was beige! He repaints rooms, and so on. I adore my husband, but when it comes to this stuff I have to beg him not to do anything with color...and he does because he thinks he is helping! UUGG... so guess what?  I will have a newly painted fireplace.. very soon. Turn about is fair play...  :)



Shore Debris said...

I absolutely love this idea! I'm going looking for candlesticks and vases this weekend.., although come to think of it, I might just need to check in the cabinet in my extra bath! (p.s. this is new to me, too, and you've made me excited!)

Shellbelle said...

You did a GREAT job on these! Let me tell you what else works for these — those pretty glass covers that go over the lightbulbs on ceiling fans. Do you know what I mean. I've found them at yard sales and on sale at Home Depot. You have to find candlesticks with a bit of a larger "drip" base to fit the size, but they are so pretty.

Love that you used sand and shells, of course!!!!!!

Your pink carpet story was hysterical. lol.

Leo said...

Too bad there is not a dollar store near me. I would definitely check it out. I like what you did with these.

Nicole-Lynn said...

I saw this idea on another blog too. Love it! Looks very Potterybarn!