Thursday, May 5, 2011

Picture Post Card Day

The weather has been glorious here this past week, with temps hovering in the 70's to low 80's.They have been the kind of days that picture postcards are made . We are lucky because the last few years it seems that we go from Winter right into Summer, and Spring just likes to pass us by here in the Low country. Pretty soon we will be in the dog days of Summer and  we go into hibernation because the heat is just so sweltering. When  my hubby asked if I wanted to go to the beach I jumped on it. I knew it wouldn't be for a long time, but a couple hours is better than none!( for those of you who don't know he is recovering from extensive surgery)  I wanted to share with you  just a piece of our chic area by the sea.

There are still a few mermaid sightings in Beaufort.
Hunting Island Lighthouse

Love my nautical flags.

Now that's some driftwood!
My sweetheart Ray.

I can't make out what it is on the kite, can you?

 When the grass is greener it is just beautiful.

The one and only surf store we have, with 2 locations. One down town and this one out by the beach. This store is adorable, and a favorite of locals and tourists.
This store Octopuses is one of my very favorites! It has everything beachy and beautiful!
Don't ya just love it?

Just window shopping today. My love was sweet enough to  pull into all the shops so I could show you lovlies these stores.

Great restaurant  for drinks and seafood.

The crab paver's are so cute!

Thia is one of my other faves for beachy things! Whats in Store Rocks! This vintage building is beautiful inside.

Bella Vista
There you have it, this is my little slice of heaven! Hope you enjoyed the tour!


Kate Clark said...

Those are some really great pictures. The crab paver is my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the tour. I loved all the pics, can't really choose a favorite. :)

michelle said...

I loved the tour Linda!! I am so glad that you and hubby had a chance to go to the beach, nothing like an ocean breeze to help heal the body. :) Those stores look amazing, I would love to go shopping there, love the octopus! :)
Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

Tybee Dreaming said...

I just love these little shops near the beach, we have the same kind of things on Tybee. Oh and the octopus is just too cool.

Completely Coastal said...

I love to go on virtual strolls...., love the crab paver. So cool. Glad to see your hub out and about!

Bella-Fleur said...
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Bella-Fleur said...

Love the hunting island pics I was just there 2 weeks ago and also stopped in the octopuses sea design and bella vista shops I could have bought everything in the octopuses by the sea shop. Did you see the awesome sea horse made out of drift wood? adorable! Great post oh and I took the same pic of the shrimp boat that you took on the way to hunting island :-) You are so lucky to live so close to hunting island what a little jem !