Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Festival on the Harbor

 This weekend I am really looking forward to going to the Charleston Harbor Fest. The Charleston harbor is part of the inter coastal waterway in South Carolina. This a grand maritime festival  that is held every year celebrates the sea. There are several tall ships that are confirmed to be there including the " Spirit Of South Carolina" The Spirit of South Carolina is used for maritime education.
 This 4 day festival allows visitors to tour the ships up close and personal.There are educational venues and there will be a pirate or two on hand,  who are sure to do a little swashbuckling and give the audience their best ARRGG Matey!
What is the definition of a Tall Ship?A tall ship is not a strictly defined type of sailing vessel.It is a term  to mean a large traditionally rigged sailing vessel, whether or not it is technically a "ship". The United States Coast Guard's training ship Eagle, for example, is technically a "barque". A tall ship can also be a schooner, brigantine, barquentine, brig, ketch, sloop, or a full-rigged ship depending on the number of masts and the cut of the sails. For more information on ship classes and the festival, click here. I can't wait to come back with some great photos of these majestic ships to share with you. Here is a preview of a few of the ships that are going to be there this year.



sealaura said...

WOW what a sight, don't get to see those beauties often. I saw one while in St. John but these are so cool!

The enchanted home said...

That is so regal and grand!! What a spectacular sight with the sun in the distance...just fabulous!! Thank you for sharing..stop by doing a great giveaway for a chic beautiful bench!

Leo said...

Have fun. Looks like it will be wonderful!!

The enchanted home said...

How magnificent and regal these grand dames are! So majestic....enjoy, looks and sounds like a wonderful way to spend the weekend!