Friday, September 28, 2012

Meet A Girl With A Surfboard

 Happy Friday! Today I want to introduce you to  a special artist. Her name is Carin Vaughn . She and I have been following each other on Pinterest for quiet awhile and always love the surfing images she pins.{ I have stated many times, surfing is the one sport I wish I learned , so I am always drawn to anything related to it.} So, I finally got around to to seeing who the lady was behind these images,and I am so glad I did!

     What I found was, her blog not surprisingly entitled   Girl With A Surfboard.
     What was surprising.... is how much we have in common. An Island girl, who loves to surf, She is wife and mom.We share a passion for design, she loves the sea, and is  an avid angler, and she lives 2 towns over from me on Hilton Head Island!

Carin is  basically self taught oil painter, who started off  doing murals. She now has and Etsy shop, and... NBC's show Parenthood bought one of her paintings for their set! How cool! So let's see her work!

                                                                 I love this painting!!

                                                                      And this one!


                                                 See her painting in the background..

When I saw this, I was immediately drawn to it. A few years ago I sketched something very similar to this for my son. We love our Red Fish( aka) Spot Tail Bass here!

 I hope you enjoyed seeing her work. Stop by her blog and her  Etsy Shop to see more of her work.

Have a great day!



Jane said...

Love her paintings...

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

They're amazing - so original. I really like the look of them ALL!!


The enchanted home said...

Wow! She is talented..always in awe of someone with that kind of talent...and I love the new look of your blog!