Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Surf Lodge

 Happy Saturday! My goodness can you believe it is  Labor Day weekend? Where has the time gone?? Is it me.....  the older I get the time seems to pass faster?  It was just Memorial Day! This morning I was thinking about where I would really like to be this weekend, and I seem to find myself drifting back to Montauk. If you follow my blog you know my history and  love for it!

I know many people have written about the Montauk Surf Lodge before, but I haven't.  I would LOVE to stay here!! The beachy, boho vibe is right up my ally. Super hip !  Wait, did I just age myself by saying "Hip" ? Do people still say it? Oh well whatever, the place is just cool..Here is why I love it! I think you will "dig" it also. :).

                                            How perfect does this look to just chill?

                   Image sources, Casa Sugar, Food Republic, Surf Lodge and   Grazia.It                                    

Isn't it just the cutest place? I hope my husband and myself will find our way back  there someday.

Just a piece of nostalgia, this is me with my 2nd born son in 1985. I had my favorite Montauk T shirt on, from my favorite store there. Bird on A Roof. It is still there! It says Surf Montauk. This sweet baby boy in the picture is my son Matthew who is turning 28 next Saturday! My oldest is 29 today! Yes, I had them a year and 1 week apart, and had two more "little darlings"...

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Wherever you are or whatever you are doing make it a great Labor Day weekend!



beachcomber said...

very cool! looks like a fantastic place to stay.
i love the photo of you & your son too!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Our friend's daughter helped with the design of the's so cool You and the baby are gorgeous...time flies, doesn't it?

The enchanted home said...

Its the ultimate beachy, cool shack. Not to make you jealous but am headed back out to Montauk today...sorry! Bird on a roof, go there all the time for the best fritattas!! How funny, a hole in the wall but sooo good and she always has fun cute things to buy in the little shop. Thats the beauty of Montauk, that its virtually unchanged and I love it.
When you want the glitz and glamour you can head west to E.Hampton but to me Montauks cool laid back beach vibe is the ultimate getaway.

SSM said...

That picture is beautiful.

It reminds me of Princess Diana. :)