Monday, June 13, 2011

My Beach Read List

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 Summer wouldn't be complete without our beach reads. Does it get any better than sitting in your favorite spot, engrossing yourself  in  the latest read? Do you like to sit on the porch, or do you love to read on the beach? Do you have an E  Reader or do you love the feel of  holding a book in your hands? I love both! I am very tactile and love the feel of the bound add to my library, then again I love immediate gratification of being able download a book in a snap. There are so many books I am looking forward to reading this summer. This is my list.. of what I am looking forward to reading, or have read. Tell me your thoughts on books. favorite spot? E reader or Hard Bound? and feedback if you have read any of these books.

                                               So looking forward to reading this book!

                                 Love Elin Hilderbrand , all her stories are on Nantucket...ahh...

                                                 I have not read anything by her, have you?

                                                   All her books take place where I live.

                                            Looking forward to reading this author as well

                                                             N.S. always a good read

The Help is amazing! This has to be one of my favorite books of all time. If you haven't read I strongly recommend!

   Water for Elephants was recommended to me by some older lady friends. I do not like the circus at all! I was   hesitant but I read it and loved it!
                                                                Always a good read

Happy reading!!!


michelle said...

I don't read often but I did pick up a Elin Hilderbrand book a while ago that I started reading. It is "A Summer Affair" and so far so good! :)

The enchanted home said...

Thanks! I needed this! I just ordered summer rental and love Elin Hildenbrandts books and have read many of them but going to check out a few others that you showed, as they all look like a great summer read...ahh, cannot wait to hit the beach with a book in hand!

lisaroy said...

Thanks for a great list of summer reads! I always love book recommendations, especially the light, summer reading type and will definitely be adding some of these to my summer list :)

Gypsea Nurse said...

Ahhh.. i was in need of some new books.. like I have time right now! Ugh!
But they look like great reads!
Thank you!

Leo said...

Thanks for the awesome referrals.