Wednesday, April 20, 2011

J 'adore

I frequently write about what  I am loving at the moment, but instead of saying that ,saying J'adore sounds so much prettier and oh so chic, don't you think?  Here are a few of my new faves.

I have a large collection of Tervis Tumblers  They are the best product and are guaranteed! Don't try to sneak out of my house with one beacuse I will find you and hunt you down! LOL.   My kids call me the " cup Natzi" I need to add the Seahorse to my collection.

I can't live without my crokies. Get them monogrammed for extra chicness.

This flamingo handbag by Kate Spade is so darn cute! I could never pull it off, my friends would be ROFL if they saw me with this, but I love it.

This is another by Kate Spade. LOVE!
 These Caftan's were just featured in Elle Decor Caftans For A Cause. Check out Calm NYC These dresses are beautiful. How cute under a bathing suit or on  pretty sunny spring and summer day. They come in beautiful colors!

I just got a new lap top today, my other one lasted 8 years so I think I was due. I am a Vera Bradley freak,I love this Blue Lagoon Pattern

I have several events in May and June and need a couple dresses. Mostly beacuse my fat ass won't fit in my other clothes! I love this dress with the seashells on it byTory Birch

This Navy dress by Brooks Brothers  I love.


Unknown said...

I LOVE Tervis Tumblers. I'm lucky enough to live about 20 minutes from the company and I visit their store often. I love it that they have tumblers I can't find at places like Bed Bath and Beyond : ) I'm loving the Caftan. I'm thinking I may have to pick one up for my fat ass, lol.

Casa Très Chic said...

Yur blog is gorgeous, love both the kaftan and the tumbler.
Thank you for your comment on our blog, you're welcome.
Big hugs

michelle said...

Love your loves dearie!!! All of the dresses are beautiful! Those tumblers are so cute. I love to wear skirts and casual dresses in the summer, my ass needs some room to breathe! :)

Leo said...

Ok - I am off to go buy that caftan on Calm NY. Love it.

Shellbelle said...

Now I'm not embarrassed to say that I would love that Flamingo bag and none of my friends would think it was odd…for me, lol.

Bella-Fleur said...

I love the Kate Spade dress, so cute and summery!not sure if we are ever going to see summer here in the midwest. It's been an awful spring but.... I am coming to Sc this weekend :-) can't wait for some sc sun and fun !

Seashells and Southern Belles said...

I need that seahorse TT! That one must be a new one, because they had another seahorse a while ago, it was green, and I think they discontinued it. I am glad to see they have a new one!!