Saturday, April 30, 2011

Maine Love

I was surfing  the Internet and Facebook this morning, when I cam across a company called The Maine Maven  via Sea Bags. This little boutique in Orono Maine, is a hip and funky store that looks absolutely delightful.I loved so many of the things that I saw in the store.Unfortunatley there is now way to order from the store directly, but I was able to find these wonderful indviduals that sell these creative  products. I am crazy about these 2 products!

This product is so cool! It is the brain child of Bill Page of,  Buoy Bats.The Original Buoy BatTM is made with authentic lobster buoys and hardwood handles. This is used just like a regular baseball bat, and  is perfect for the beach ! These are brand new bouys and are decorated in bright colors. You can even get your buoy bat imprinted with your name! How much fun does this look. There are bases and extra balls as well. I am ordering this today! This is a must have for the summer!


This jewlery is so creative and is made by Charlotte Leavitt of Chart Metal Works, in Portland Maine. Each piece is hand made. After you choose your product, necklace, bracelet, earrings, then  choose your own point of interest. Maybe you have a special place you sailed to, grew up, got engaged or married, this point of interest is then put into your handmade piece. I think these pieces are magnificent and so personal. I  absolutley love this, I  spy a Mother's Day present!

cord necklace





Desire Empire said...

Love thse pendants. Never seen them before. Have a great week
Best Carolyn

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

FUN stuff you found! Bouy bats...I can think of some other things to use them for!

Becca Bertotti said...

Fabulous finds ... love the nautical bracelet/necklace !! What a great idea !!

Faff said...

Love the pendants. Maps are so cool and this is a wonderful way to use them.