Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm Seeing Red

No, I am not angry..... This post is In honor of the National Wear Red Day campaign that kicks of this Friday.The day helps kick off "Go RED for Women" month..The American Heart Association created Go Red For Women to educate the public regarding cardiovascular disease in women. Heart disease kills more women each year than breast cancer,and nearly one in every three women will die from cardiovascular disease.EESHHH!So ladies, I made a decision yesterday. I am going back to Weight Watchers! I need to take care of MY heart. I was having lunch with a good friend yesterday and we are going to do it together. I was always able to get the weight off after all 4 of the kids, but after each one of them it became harder.When my dad passed away almost 3 years ago, and I have packed on a whopping 50lbs! I quit smoking 3 months ago  today, now I am ready to tackle the weight loss. baby steps...

The color red is a bold,emotion filled, energizing, passionate color. We associate the color red with love, fire, the heart, and roses. and danger.. I thought I would share some red finds with you. I am also going to be sharing some heart healthy recipes this month. Have you made any major lifestyle changes recently? I would love to hear.I am also going to be turning my blog RED for the month!! :-)

The Coastal Living line by Stanley Furniture is a great looking line for the beach, cottage, or coastal look. I sold this line and for the quality and price point you can't beat it.

Great looking pendant light by Pebbles and Sand

I understand this art might not be for everyone. Artist,Johnathan Green is originally from Beaufort SC.His bold use of color I find to be so eye catching. If you would like to see more of his work, and learn more about him click on the link.

Red Snapper place mats available atOcean Offerings

Love this retro,radio,and CD player! This I should have have put on my obsessions post the other day.
Red Ferret
Vino! Yum.. Hey, it's good for the heart! :-). I love a good Merlot . I haven't tried yet but hear it is wonderful! I will get some this weekend.Chateau St. John
You must have something cute to carry your vino in, especially if you are going to a Super Bowl party this Sunday. Sea Bags has the coolest things made from recycled boat sails.

Super cute tote, again from Sea Bags

The textiles by John Robshaw  are bright, and bold.
Home By The Sea

This iron anchor would be a great accent piece in a bathroom or mudroom.Etsy


A Vintage Vine said...

I still hang on to my red! Thanks for the reminder about Nat. Red day!

Completely Coastal said...

I'm loving the anchor! Linda, no, no we're not too old for the sailors bracelet -am turning 50 in a month. Also, thanks for adding me to your blogroll! Added your button to mine too. There is a tiny glitch in the code and the button picture didn't show, but I corrected it on my end, just thought I let you know.

Leo said...

Hi there. I'm loving the red too!!! I just added some red into my kitchen. I love it! The Stanley furniture looks great. Will have to check it out!!!

michelle said...

This is a great post! I am loving all the red and red wine is very good for your heart! Good for you for being healthy, I know that I have to take better care of myself, I don't ever want to go through another heart attack! Thank you for posting this!! :)