Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ginger Jar Jamboree

 As a young girl I could never figure out my mother's passion for decorating with blue and white Ginger Jars. I often asked    her " how many jars can one person have"? As an adult, I totally understand that passion.While my collection is not as elaborate or expansive as my mom's, I have a collection, non the less. When decorating with ginger jars,weather you are trying to achieve a sleek sophisticated modern design a traditional look or a coastal feel, you will find that this Asian artifact is a very adaptable and a multifunctional accessory, that will help you achieve just about any look. The modern day Ginger Jars can be found in a vast aray of color, metal or texture.Decorators and designers use the ginger jar in many capacities.There are a few pieces I believe a well designed home should have.(1) A piece of sea life (2) A traditional Asian Ginger Jar. (3) A piece of vintage furniture. Here are some beautiful examples of the traditional jar used in coastal decor as well as some of our modern day versions.

 Aluminum Ginger Jar.. Loving this! Artisanti

circa 1800's

Chevron Ginger Jar fromhttp://www.emiliaceramics.com/

Apartment Therapy Traditional blue and white, with Chinese stools

HGTV Dream House

These beautiful white Filigree lantern jars from The Mermaid Hut compliment any outdoor coastal decor!

Coral jar from Williams Sonoma with palm leaves lends a tropical feel.

A perfect mix of Traditional and Coastal.

Sanibel Sands Seashell Design.Amazon

Burnt orange jar from Emilia Ceramics

I love this clear ginger jar.

Vessel Jars from Williams Sonoma

The botanical sea life collection fromCarons Beach House.

A lovely vignette

These add  a beautiful pop of color in a white kitchen. I use mine in my kitchen to hold kitchen utensils.House Beautiful

Robyn Karp Interiors


Seashells and Southern Belles said...

I have the Sanibel Sands jar and I love it!! It looks really pretty on my kitchen counter!

sealaura said...

How cool! I did not even know that is what they were called. I like the clear ones and the ones from the Mermaid Hut. You've shown us quite the variety here. well done. :)

Liz said...

I'm loving blue and white ginger jars right now! My mom gave me a few and I have started collecting from flea markets and antique stores! Very inspiring post!

Emilia Ceramics said...

Ginger jars are some of our favorites too! Thanks for the mention; we included you in our round up for favorite 2011 posts.