Friday, February 25, 2011

A Sunny Day Makes Me Feel Fine

Our recent camping trip to Hunting Island State park was  nice, even though we only had one day of sunshine. But One day  of sun is better than none!.I collected driftwood, sand dollars,and shells, as I always do. Here are some shots  I got from the one lovely day on the beach.

I have never been able to figure out what little creature makes this mound.There were hundreds.Maybe a type of crab I'm not sure.


Pelican sunning himself.

A Horseshoe crab tracks...

We found him/her buried here. We brought him back down to the water.

The Whelks are starting to lay eggs.



Shellbelle said...

Hi Linda, thanks for stopping by The Hut, it let me here to another beach lover! I have to come back when I have a bit more time and look back at your posts, but this one is fabulous!

I have no idea what that mound it, I've never seen anything like it. That egg case though is from a whelk not a skate. If you get a chance come back and look at my Feb 16th post, I actually got a photo of a Lightning Whelk laying her eggs, I couldn't believe it!

Skate egg cases are also odd looking, to me they look like flat bats, really odd. They call them "Mermaid Purses."

btw, I LOVE beach camping too!

So nice to meet you, I see a number of my blogging friends here, nice to have you aboard! See you soon.

A Vintage Vine said...

Thanks for sharing those pics., looks so calm and relaxing...I need a beach trip bad!

Sheila Zeller said...

Seriously, there is nothing like the beach... the ocean, the smell, the sounds... pure, pristine beauty. Thank you for sharing!

Leo said...

Beautiful! Love the photos. Very interesting to see the whelk laying its eggs. And I love the photo of the sand dollar buried in the sand. What beach is this? It looks like the Gulf of Mexico although I know its not! Very pretty with the sand dunes.

michelle said...

Aaaaahhhh, the sunshine and sand look so good right now! All the little creatures are so intriguing and beautiful. Thank you for taking us with you, I needed that! :)

Roos said...

what a great picture`s , really love them to watch .
and Bentley looks a little bit as our englisch bulldog max .

greetings Roos
the Netherlands