Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Oh Joy!

Oh..... the let down....oh... the relief.! Oh.... joy!
The hustle and bustle is over. All the work, energy and time that goes into Christmas has come to an end.. So, I have time to sit back and think yet again, how truly blessed and lucky I am to have the children I have, the husband I have, and the family I have. I am truly greatful.
All the kids have gone back home, and the house feels so quiet again. Christmas was wonderful !We were all together  in one house, only for a couple of days, but at  least we had that.We had the 4 kids, and 4 dogs!We even got snow showers the day after Christmas! I am already looking forward to next year in the hopes that we will be grandparents, or soon to be grandparents!
Now my husband and I get to relax, we leave tomorrow in the RV to go on our annual New Years camping trip!We usually celebrate out at the beach , but this year we will be on the Edisto River.I won't be seaside but still be on the water.My camera is having some issues, so I hope to have that resolved when I return. Two of my Chistmas gifts will be the focus of my 1st blog of 2011.Happy Happy New Year!!!

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