Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Seaside Story

My entire life I have been blessed to live on the seaside.I grew up in Norwalk ,CT, and most of my life was spent on Long Island Sound.I was introduced to the water at a very young age when my parents bought our 1st boat, a wooden Cris Craft.Mom,dad, my siblings and myself would get into the boat for leisurely boat rides or  do some fishing on the weekends.
Our  trips started on the Five Mile River in Rowayton, where I always admired the homes that sat along the  river,they were so beautiful, and dreamed of having a home on the water.
I was priviledged enough to see so much of the north eastern seaboard, because we fished for big game fish  on our sport fishing boat and got to see the beautiful creatures of the sea that a lot of people don't get to. I collected seashells from everywhere we traveled,I loved being on the beach!
I have since left CT and now live  in Beaufort, SC . For 19 years, this beautiful, coastal town has been home.We live on a bluff on the Intercoastal Waterway Where my home decor and deisign reflects the coastal and Lowcountry way of life. I am a southern yankee, and couldn't be happier living on the water,seeing Dolphin's on a daily basis, incredible sunsets, palm trees,the smell of the marsh grass, ocean  and beautiful weather!

                                        Greens Ledge Lighthouse, Norwalk, CT

                                 The Dobens/Carli  family, Rob,Ray, Me, Matt, Jen and Mike.
                                             Beautiful Pelican on the Beaufort River
                                           Best friend and Love of my life Ray.
                                        The early years, Dad, Mom, Sis and me.
                                             Sunrise on Hunting Island State Park
Sunset at Hunting Island


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What an interesting post! It's nice to learn more about someone when you realize you love so many of the same things! I went back to look at some of your older posts and came across this one! You really should post it again! It's so nice to meet you! ♥

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your life on the coast. I also grew up on the coast, in Santa Barbara Ca. I would not live anywhere else but your coast I would love to visit.
Please post more photos and family adventures. I do not have a family. Its nice to see people as a family enjoying activities. You are very lucky.

Anonymous said...

Hunting Island is awesome. Just getting there -that narrow road is an adventure -- did not drive to Fripp that no doubt would be so un state park like. Semper Fi Love your home town