Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Hawaii has always been a place I have wanted to go on vacation. We were supposed to go for our 10th anniversary, but it didn't happen. Now with the prospect of my brother in law taking a job there, well.... things might be looking a little more optomistic .I just came  came across these images of Hawaii,that I had to share..The lush greenery, Surfing, { not that I can } the white sandy beaches, the beautiful blue water, ahhhh... honestly what is there not to like??

                                           I love this bedding from Pacific- Home




Chloe said...

I took a trip to Oahu a few years ago and there were so many nice memories! HAha I can't surf either, but I can't wait until the day I learn! The US Open is coming here to LA soon and it'll be amazing!

beachcomber said...

hope you get to go soon! we stopped over there for a few days only. i'd love to go back for longer.

designchic said...

I've never been either but it looks amazing...gorgeous images of the beach!!

Completely Coastal said...

I want to go too. Thought it was going to happen this year..., but now we're moving to an island without a beach instead...Manhatten that is. I hope you get to go!!!

Sydney Steenland said...

Aloooooha! looks awfully tempting.

Sar x

Nicole said...

Hi Linda,
I'm in LOVE with the bedding you posted above. MUST have it! I've searched the Pacific-Home site and all over the web and cannot seem to find it. Was this a recent find? Do you know where I can find it?


The enchanted home said...

A relative in Hawaii??? Start planning now..I promise you will only regret not having gone there sooner!
I was lucky enough to live there as a kid, and definitely did not apprciate it as much as I would not as an adult. Its absolutely specatcular and we do try to go ourselves every 4 or 5 fact, we are due soon LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hawaii is the best vacation spot! The smells, the scenery, the warm weather, there's nothing like it.
Can't wait to get back. Hope you get there soon. Teri