Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Almost "Nana"

I received a very exciting phone call this morning.Exciting news was really needed, after a rough week of the passing of 2 friends .Our grand daughter is going to be here in a week!!! She was due the 19th of March, but the Doctor said " see you next week"!
 It has been incredible, to watch her grow in the ultra sounds, that we get to watch on our computer! My things have changed since my youngest was born almost 21 yrs ago.The ultra sounds tell my daughter in law how much the baby weighs, and is so much more in depth. We have also been able to see 3 D images of her as well..  Just amazing! So I need to finish baby shopping!!! 

I was looking at the website Best Dressed Tot and fell in love with these outfits! Nautical of course..
She WILL be the best dressed Grand daughter!  I always had so much fun buying clothes for my daughter., but I was really  bad about buying very expensive clothes for her , and if I had to do it all over again I  would do it differently. But when you are about to be a Grandma,{ eesh can't believe I am  actually going to be one! } She is going to spoiled rotten! Aren't these adorable?



I Heart the Beach said...

Congratulations! How exciting for a new baby girl. I LOVE nautical dresses too. So happy to see they are so popular again.

Amanda Lee said...

Congratulations! Love the outfits. Grandbabies are amazing!

michelle said...

Oh how exciting!!!! YEAH!!! I love these little dresses. Girl close are the most fun. :)
So sorry about your friends as well, sending you hugs!

Coastal Design Blog said...

Big Congrats Nana Laura! How exciting and in Gods perfect timing. I love the outfits, of course, but I especially love your excitement!

Lesli @