Monday, January 30, 2012

What I'm Loving Now

 Happy Monday Everyone!
This is a different type of post for me as I don't usually post about beauty products, or review them. But with my son's wedding 10 weeks away, I am trying out several different things so I can look my best for his big day. Here are 3 I just love!

A couple of weeks ago I had to cut my hair very short. Due to a medication I was taking, my hair became very brittle and  was falling out! I wouldn't have cared so much about cutting it, if it weren't for my son's wedding!  I didn't want short hair! I had a melt down in my stylists chair as she began to cut it all off. I gave her the ok to CHOP! and I cried like a baby! { something else I don't due! } Good Grief! { Hello Menopause...}
She proceeded to get me a glass of wine, as I apologized profusely over my crying rant and felt like an idiot. She reassured me everything was going to be just fine. My hair is normally soft and healthy, then it looked and felt like straw! My stylist recommended 12 Benefits. A  Spray in treatment  after you towel dry, it helps repair breakage and protects from blow dryer burn out. After 2 weeks the breakage is settling down, my hair is softer, and shinier.! 20.00. ... I am kind of liking it short. I have gotten many compliments, and my husband loves it!

I wish I had thought to take a picture  of my under eyes before, and one after. But honestly I wasn't going to do a post like this until I used this for the first time this morning, and became so excited about it. I have used all brands of under eye concealer, cheap mid range and expensive. At 51 years old skin becomes thinner under the eyes, there is puffiness in the morning and bags! WTF. It is like you wake up one morning and all of a sudden this happens at once! Maybelline Under Eye Dark Circle Eraser Blends well, and brightens my whole face up!  If you have allergies,{ like me }, or you have inherited under eye circles and puffiness{ like me,} or you just want under your eyes to look light and bright and beautimus, Try it!! I bought the light since it is winter, but will have to go to medium in the summer. This is a keeper! @ 9.99.

Last but not least,  who doesn't want long eyelashes and fuller eyebrows? I have decided to give Rapid Lash a try. I have some sparse areas in my eyebrows that could use some help, and I want to fill in from over plucking as a teenager {duh} and have never grown back. I am pleased to say after 5 nights of use on my eye brows I am seeing a few hair brows growing! I am also using on my eye lashes too of course, I think it will take longer period of time to see any effects. @ 30.00.

So there you have it, I would love to know if any of you have tried these products and if so what was your experience.?

BTW I haven't even bought my my Mother of the Groom dress yet, I will be going this week!



michelle said...

Oh no! I am so sorry you had to cut your hair, but I bet it looks really beautiful. I had to do that too after my whole heart thing with all the medications that were pumped into my body. My hair is short again, I do't know why I keep cutting it, growing it, cutting it. ugh! I will have to try the under eye thing, I was blessed with dark circles. :)
I love products, I am a total product junkie and now that I rambled on like a dork I will let you get back to your day. :) Thank you for the reviews!

The enchanted home said...

Wow this was a great read...sorry about your hair but sounds like it had a very happy ending, bet you look fabulous. Yes, I wake up with bags too so am always willing to give a new product a try if its been tested and given a thumbs up, so thanks!

Anonymous said...

My lucky day....I hear you about those dark circles, they just appeared almost like overnight, will have to give this product a whirl..

I have not tried rapid lash, although I could use that too, because I have blue eyes and was told it was not for us...???

Thank you so much for the tips...

Kathy :)

ps good luck shopping for your dress :)