Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fantasy Island Interiors

I have been fantasising about  a trip to the the islands for a  very long time, where the livin is easy and the life is breezy..... where the sun washes all your cares away.......and there are no worries in the world . My trips to Greece and the Greek Isles as well as trips to to the Mayan Rivera of Mexico  create this wonderful feeling of Euphoria . . my "happy place".... so to speak. My "happy place" happens to be anywhere where there is  water,whether I am on the boat, or on the beach.. where I can smell the ocean and salt air. Everyone has a "happy place" that makes them feel this way. These  beautiful photos definitely take me to that easy breezy carefree coastal way of life.

images courtesy of Coastal Living
Where is you're "happy place"? I would love to know.


chair up said...

Ah yes, these are such wonderful images.
I guess my happy place would be under a shady tree in a cottage garden surrounded by beautiful roses, boxwood hedges, lavender. We had a garden like this in New Zealand but here in Queensland it's too hot to grow these plants. Of course ideally there would be no bugs or spiders to freak me out so I could totally relax,haha. Thanks for asking, I've enjoyed thinking about my happy place :o)

Love of the Sea said...

I love your selections. I think I like #2 photo the best - because I LOVE the coral sculpture piece on the table. That is a real WOW.

A Vintage Vine said... have the best pics!!!! Thanks for sharing...I always feel like your pics are a "calgone moment"...remember those old commericals! Your pics take me away!

Justine said...

Although this is an old post, I can't help but place a comment. Isn't this just paradise! What wonderful pictures capturing all that is the essence of holidays.. those aqua hues, blues, and yellows. I just want every room!