Thursday, February 9, 2012

At Home With Jules Reid

 While flipping through Matchbook Magazine today, a pretty blonde woman caught my eye.She was sitting in a chair surrounded by beautiful colors and coastal accents..Her name, Jules Reid, a new York City power broker, turned, interior designer turned fashion designer. In 2010 this mother of three started a fashion line that bares her name. I'll admit it, I had never heard of her until today! Maybe I am a little slow out of the gate. How could I have missed her?? Her look.. A modern boho beach chic, meets preppy, classic and elegant. Her bold colors and playful patterns are fab! I think  Her home reflects her fashion or visa versa.  Below are some images of her very colorful home.

                                         What do you think caught my eye here?

                                                     Painted floors with  aqua and green!

                                          Loving all the framed purple sea urchins.

                                           Here are a couple of her tops I love.

                                                          The tunic top is adorable

                                                                    As is this top.

Aren't you in love?? Check out her site here

Images Via Matchbook Magazine


Shorely Chic said...


michelle said...

I have never heard of her either but she is brilliant. Love her style, so laid back and easy. That purple is so pretty.

Love the new look here too my dear and your look beautiful in your photo. :)


Hi :)
Thank you for visiting my blog !
You have a beautiful blog and im looking forward to go thru all your posts !! xo Gaby :)

The enchanted home said...

Love her chic coastal style, makes me feel more relaxed just LOOKING at her clothes:) Isnt' that the idea!~

SSM said...

Love the tops!

Thank you for sharing.

Completely Coastal said...

I really admire when people can pull off color like that, in fashion and decor! I always seem to end up with white and beige... and a few drops of orange and blue, but that's about it.