Sunday, March 25, 2012

It's A Mad Mad World

 I hadn't watched NOT ONE episode of Mad Men until December of 2011. Which is really kind of odd because my father was in the Advertising biz and owned an Ad agency on Madison Ave and surrounded by it most of my life. But after one of my son's  singing it's praises, I felt like I was really missing out. Boy was I! I got caught up in a matter of weeks and I am hooked! My  dad has passed away and was never able to see the show,so I always wonder when I watch, what he would have thought .
 It has been a long 18 months for  the fans of the  TV Series Mad Men, but the wait is finally over.Season 5  premiers tonight on AMC. The season 4 finale left off with us all wondering why did Don Draper, propose to his receptionist Megan and dump Faye?? Sterling Cooper Draper and Price are in dire financial straights and are trying to avoid bankruptcy  due to the loss the Lucky Strike Cigarette account, { thanks to Roger } but he has an ulterior motive. Joan's marriage is a shambles,and is pregnant with Roger Sterling's baby and  the Ex  Mrs. Draper, Betty is still  unhappy in her new marriage and is still one miserable bitch, I mean lady.

As the show continues to move further into the 60's, the wardrobe and set change and evolve as  well. Bold color and pattern were all the rage in the 60's. As we know, everything old is new again, and  We see this design trend  today with the return of bright bold colors and patterns .

                                       Not too sure about this poster, guess we will find out

                                                                Groovy baby....


                                                  Slip into something comfortable.


                                                Get in a nice comfy 60's inspired chair

                                       with your favorite cocktail an Old Fashioned perhaps?

                                                and see what we are in store for....

                   Who  is your favorite character? Is there anyone you identify with? I love Joan!

 I am looking forward to the fashion

                                                       as well as the interior design.

                            There will be talk around the water cooler in the morning...

Images Via AMC

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SSM said...

Hello Linda,

We love the show and have watched every episode!

You'll have to tell me what you thought of tonight's show.