Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Engagement party Update

After the last 2 months of talking about my son's party and ALL the preparations, can you believe NOT ONE picture was taken??? We were so busy playing host and hostess and running around with food and talking we forgot the camera... we are kicking ourselves!!! I have not one photo to show  how beautiful it was! I will tell you  though it was! The kids were beyond thrilled and  a great time was had by all.!!  I do have a few photos of some things I have made as far as fall decorating inside the house. I hope you all have been well and are enjoying this glorious Fall weather!! 
 Since the party theme was an oyster roast I made the oyster shell wreath. I stuck dark grey ones in just to give a pop of color in my living room. I took the driftwood out of my fireplace and used it on the mantel to bring out the grey.

 The wreath. I have to redo the bow. It is sparse. I was running out of time. It needs a larger ribbon.

 In the kitchen on the island.The pumpkin is a craft pumpkin from Michael's. I picked a font, and made a stencil and just painted it.

 The Entry table, Dollar Store apothecary jars I made filled with nuts and Thanksgiving subway art I made as well..


michelle said...

I am so glad that everything went well!!! You know I go to wedding and forget my camera so I can understand being so busy to not taking pictures. :) Especially if you are hosting you have so much to do, I bet it was beautiful and I love that wreath and all your fall touches!
Now go relax! :)

Gypsea Nurse said...

Busy Mama bee.. but it looks fabulous!!! I know the camera part issue.. I hate when I do that.. now go call Calgon!!!!!

beachcomber said...

you did a great the wreath!

Melissah from coastal Style said...

It's always the way on important occasions - taking photos never seems a priority on the big day - too much else to fuss about!. Best to handover the job to a friend who can take a decent photo! Anyway the decorating looks gorgeous. I have added a few inspirational pages to my blog so have a little look when you are next stopping by.

Amy said...

Love the wreath! It looks really good.